How do they see the future of online platforms – a session at SPIEF-2022


The St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF) hosted a session entitled “Pirates of the Content Sea: the Future of Online Platforms.” Representatives of the industry discussed the situation with Russian streaming and gave a forecast for the near future, according to the Newsletter.

Piracy, sanctions and changes in the work of services in the new reality were the main topics of the session. Here are some conclusions:

  • The film industry has felt the impact of sanctions – Western companies are refusing to cooperate and freeze projects. Video services also come from Russia, but their content remains available in the country in various forms and encourages piracy.
  • However, the head of the Institute for Internet Development (IRI) Alexei Goreslavsky said there was little chance of success for pirated content in Russia. The planned events of the industry together with the state will allow to resist this process.
  • Sofia Mitrofanova, CEO of PREMIER, noted that the young modern generation was formed in an environment of legal consumption, and understands that watching movies does not require torrents. This can be done on official sites, not by downloading pirated copies.
  • Victoria Lymar, creative producer of A-ONE, said that there are difficulties in working with Western partners, but many are sensitive to the situation. The most loyal countries in terms of film cooperation are France and the United States.
  • The use of a compulsory license for online cinemas is not realistic, says Alexei Birdin, CEO of the Internet Video Association.
  • In Russia, it produces 8,000 hours of TV series a year, in addition to movies. According to Oleksandr Akopov, director of the HSE Institute of Cinema, the domestic film industry needs to reduce the amount of content and translate this budget into quality.

You can watch the full session “Pirates of the Content Sea: the future of online platforms” here.

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