Google May 2022 core update, ruSEO and life after links

The first month of summer brings us SEO news. What can SEO specialists expect from the Google update? How will search results change? What changes have taken place in ruSEO? And what are the growing trends that experts need to keep up with?

Let’s talk about it June 21 at 2 p.m. at a free webinar «Google May 2022 core update, ruSEO and life after links» from Links.Sape and Completo.


  • Serhiy Sukhoplyuyev is the head of the Traffic unit of the Completo marketing group. Topic: “Modern realities of ruSEO today”.

– How SEO-promotion is changing today.

– The impact of disabling Google Ads on SEO.

– Trends in ruSEO.

  • Alexander Shestakov – Product Manager Links.Sape. Topic: “Google core update and life after links”.

– What has changed since Google’s algorithms were updated?

– Will the update affect the effectiveness of the links.

– Sape research: how site positions change after removing links.

The webinar will be useful:

  • New to SEO – will be able to review your strategy and immediately implement new approaches.
  • SEO specialists and link builders – Learn life hacks from experts and be able to optimize your promotion budget.
  • Webmasters – Understand how to make your sites more attractive and sell links more expensive.
  • Business owners – see how to raise the site in the issue without complicated manipulations.

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