GitHub stops supporting Atom code editor


According to TechCrunch, the developers of GitHub have announced that they plan to abandon further support and development of the Atom text editor, created in 2011.

At one time, Atom became a springboard for the development of Electron-based applications and partly gave rise to many popular programs such as Slack, Visual Studio Code and GitHub Desktop. But the last Atom only hindered the development of other, more critical to GitHub products.

Atom was conceived as an easy-to-configure editor for developers. With the advent of VS Code and the acquisition of GitHub by Microsoft, the situation has changed, and Atom has a strong competitor in the form of Visual Studio Code. Now this program is a standard for all developers.

But these changes do not mean that the Atom will die permanently and irrevocably. Its code will not be deleted, but archived. It will be available for reading by anyone, and some developers have already expressed their willingness to develop the project further. Soon there will be a fork called Zed, however, already based on the Rust language.

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