Disabling Internet Explorer has affected businesses in Japan


According to the Nikkei Asian Review, Japanese companies and government agencies were not ready to shut down Internet Explorer on June 15. Many organizations have services adapted only to the outdated browser, and are now quickly looking for an alternative to it.

Japanese software developer Computer Engineering & Consulting (CEC) has not been able to handle the influx of orders since April. The public sector and commercial organizations have continued to do so with the modernization of infrastructure and the transition to modern software, so now many have difficulty. According to Bloomberg, 49% of businesses in the country have used Internet Explorer on a regular basis.

In Japan, this browser was used not only as a platform for browsing sites, but also allowed to work with in-house tools, control the working hours of employees and perform other functions. For example, a local pension fund in Japan offered to fill out online forms in Internet Explorer mode, and some resources still recommended IE as the main tool for viewing their pages.

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