DigitalOcean: 42% of developers are considering changing jobs


Research firm DigitalOcean conducted an open online survey with a sample of more than 2,500 developers. Its results showed that more than 40% of respondents this year are considering the prospect of changing jobs, and organizations continue to rely on open source projects to develop their software.

Compared to last year’s survey, the number of people willing to leave their current positions has almost doubled. At the same time, more than a quarter of respondents (27%) have already changed jobs last year.

The motives of people who have already resigned and those who are just thinking are similar. They are mainly related to the attempts of technology companies to return employees to removal offices, despite the effective setup of all processes.

According to, remote format and flexible schedule proved to be fundamentally important for IT professionals. And they are in second place after income. The study also showed that 8% of those who have left work and 9% of those who only intend to do so are taking these steps to develop their own business projects.

Open source remains vital for businesses of all sizes, although small companies rely on it a little more: 35% of startups and small organizations say they use open source in 50% of their software, while 28% of such large companies. In addition, according to DigitalOcean, about half of the developers reported participating in Open Source last year.

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