Cloudflare has stopped the most powerful cyber attack to date


Cloudflare is once again sharing its successes in protecting against cyber attacks. This time she managed to protect one of the clients from a dangerous DDoS attack with a capacity of more than 26 million requests per second.

Currently, the blocked attack is the largest in history. And throughout the past year, cybersecurity experts have faced a record-breaking attack on another.

Interestingly, Cloudflare pointed out that the last attack was carried out by a relatively compact botnet, consisting of about 5,200 devices. But it was so powerful that it outperformed some of the 730,000 competitors and was 4,000 times stronger.

Cloudflare detected and displayed a DDoS attack of 26 million requests per second


Security is also troubled by the fact that such a serious attack was carried out under the HTTPS protocol, which is much more expensive and resource-intensive, which suggests a strong desire of hackers to successfully complete the attack. At the same time, most malicious requests came from servers in Indonesia, the United States, Brazil and Russia.

Importantly, the client that Cloudflare was able to protect enjoyed a free version of the company’s products. The developers have promised to continue to improve their products to make the Internet safer.

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