An overview of the new “No Page Breakdown” feature in Google Docs


One interesting setting has recently been added to Google Docs. Its purpose is to improve the readability of the document when it comes to adding large images or tables. It is called “Without pagination”, and the name suggests that it completely erases all boundaries and gaps between pages. I’ll show you what this feature looks like and how to turn it on to get acquainted.

If you have not yet closed the developer message, you can enable the mode immediately through the button in it to see the new look of the document. If this message did not exist at all or you have already closed it, you will need to manually switch the view as follows:

  1. Expand the menu “File” and click on the item Page Setup.Go to the settings menu to enable settings No breakdown on Google Docs pages

  2. Switch to mode “No breakdown by page” and see a short animation that shows how this feature works.Choose a tab with a mode to enable settings Without breaking down pages in Google Docs

  3. If the background color should be different from the standard white, you can open the extended shade table and select the appropriate one.Choose a background color to enable the No Page Breakdown setting in Google Docs

  4. After applying the changes, return to the document and see how the tables, images, and text are displayed.Get to know the result of enabling the setting No breakdown of pages in Google Docs

  5. If you want to change the width of the text, expand the menu “Appearance”hover over “Text width” and check the appropriate box.Change the width of text after enabling the No partitioning of Google Docs setting

When choosing a setting, keep in mind that it currently applies only to the current document. Others will open in a standard format with a breakdown of pages. If you want to set this mode to default, return to enabling it as shown above and click the button with the appropriate name.

Set the No Page Breakdown mode in Google Docs by default

However, keep in mind that this type of content display is not always appropriate. Therefore, the standard version often remains, and only the orientation of the pages or its fields changes.

By the way, I will also mention what is now for the regime “By page” there are many different settings. On the appropriate tab, you can select the orientation, set the width of all margins, set the page color and paper size. All this is done in one window without having to switch to different tabs, as it was before.

Adjust the layout of pages in Google Docs

Now you know where the new setting is and how to use it. Undoubtedly, it will be very useful when it comes to viewing large documents with lots of pictures and tables. You do not need to constantly resize the media or adjust it to standard margins.

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