Ahrefs has created its own search engine, Yep.com


The Yep search engine is designed from scratch, uses its own search index and is positioned as a system that does not collect or transmit users’ personal data.

According to Search Engines, Yep does not have to share search queries with any third-party service, and cookies are not used by Yep by default (until the user wants to change the settings).

Yep will use aggregated depersonalized data to improve search algorithms. This means that individual data is stored during the search, but is not identified with a specific user. Also, Yep will not create profiles for advertising.

We do not collect or share your personal information. We will not try to find out who you are and will not keep your search history anywhere, Yep said.

An important feature is the focus on the creators. It is estimated that 90% of Yep advertising will be dedicated to content creators. According to the developers, such a business model encourages experts, freelance journalists and other content authors to create quality search materials.

Ahrefs creates tools for SEO-analysis of sites, as well as periodically shares case studies that we wrote about earlier: how often Google rewrites title tags and whether there is a link to an important ranking factor.

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