Movie Information
Title: Tear it off and throw it away
Release year: 2021
Genre: comedy , action
Director: Kirill Sokolov
Cast: Anna Mikhalkova, Victoria Korotkova, Sofia Krugova, Alexander Yatsenko, Olga Lapshina, Vitaly Khaev, Danil Steklov, Igor Grabuzov, Nikolai Schreiber

About movie:
You can’t leave your loving family. Severe Vera Pavlovna sets off in a dashing pursuit of her granddaughter Masha and her unlucky daughter Olya. Oleg helps her in this – the “former” who is still in love with Olya, even after he put him behind bars. It seems that in all this hilarious turmoil, only little Masha knows how to keep adults from going crazy.

Issued by: Russia / SAG Film Company, Metrafilms
Duration: 01:38:44
Voiceover: Original [MoviePoisk HD]

Format: AVI (Xvid)
Quality: WEB-DLRip
Video: 1622 Kb/s, 720×304
Audio: Russian: AC3, 448 Kb/s (6 ch)
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