Movie Information
Title: Pornographic links
Título original: Une liaison pornographique
Released: 1999
Genre: Drama , melodrama
Directed by: Frederic Fontaine
Cast: Natalie Bay, Sergi Lopez, Jacques Viala, Paul Pavel, Sylvie van den Elzen, Pierre Gerranio, Herv Son, Christophe Sermet

Synopsis: Frightened by previous love failures, two strangers want just sex from each other. But on the cold bed of a hotel room, against all odds, a previously unknown feeling is born. How will they deal with this unexpected love…

Country: France, Switzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg
Duration: 01:18:15
Translation: Professional polyphonic, author’s (Yuri Serbin)

Quality: DVDRip-AVC
Video: MPEG-4 AVC, 2800 Kbps, 718×452@1020×452
Language: Russian, French (AC3, 2 ch, 192 Kbps)


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