Well, the idea may not be a bad one: a brave neuroscientist of a slightly Indian look intensively tinkers with brains and Matlab, connects it to a hair dryer (yes, that looks like a floor lamp), inserts his brain into it (fortunately, along with a container) and eventually gets funny splitting of the personality into 10 parts that change cyclically within an hour – he is normal for 6 minutes, then he is a drunk for 6 minutes, then an ibaka, then a psychopath, then spit, and so on, the authors collectively defeated “Split” under the box of whiskey and they had an idea also seemed interesting, but in addition to whiskey, there was clearly also a schmal, so they tried to bring a scientific basis to the plot, from which real neuroscientists quickly fallomorph, but hey, this is a fantasy drama with thriller elements, so some exaggerations are acceptable.

Alas, the execution is much inferior to the plan, let’s start with the fact that all these separated personalities are shown extremely chaotically and indistinctly, which is quite understandable, because the film simply does not have enough timing (and the director’s skill and experience, yes, this is again a feature debut) to reveal them all completely, as a result, we are basically shown two sides of one GG personality – more normal and less normal, which, by the way, is enough to illustrate the main idea, they say, we have all possible personality traits and most importantly, like, what will prevail under our control, you have to be good, to put it simply. Somehow the idea was voiced, although a lot of things really interfered here, cheap furnishings, a dark colorless picture, a simple script, but the main problem, kmk, is that the actor in the lead role simply does not pull such a difficult role, seriously, there is not enough charisma or color , he can only shake his unwashed head and pretend to sweat profusely, as if he did not have a split personality, but a many-day binge happened. As a result, the swing here is for a dollar, and the implementation is for 68 kopecks, that is, something seems to be happening and even the plot is developing, but you can see with what desperation the authors kick it so as not to fall into despondency at all, but it bounces off the walls, well, all this is played and not too well. Maybe it’s a fiver, but it’s still sci-fi in some way, but nothing more.

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