file watch 16-11-2018 03:44:21 (43 months ago) dron4ik2007 CocCoc, it was once a great option, but sometimes there is a desire to try what’s new in the others and start watching Sea monkey, Avant, Maxthon, SRWare and others in turn. In general, there is Whale, also a Korean, very smart and modern, I keep it on a laptop because it does not warm it up like others. dron4ik2007 15-11-2018 20:43:00 (43 months ago) What is your “Korean”? file watch 15-11-2018 15:00:08 (43 months ago) It’s inconvenient in it, it’s too Google Chrome, there are no full-fledged settings and there’s nothing interesting about about, again, pulling the mouse to the right every time has long lost the habit. I didn’t notice any speed, and with several dozen plug-ins, including four blockers, the Korean wakes up much faster, and even after closing the last tab, he closed himself, in general, removed this misunderstanding, apparently except for the license agreement with the site and the designated search engines so-called . the developers did not manage to rewrite anything in it. dron4ik2007 15-11-2018 0:39:22 (43 months ago) But how can I save passwords here, I just don’t understand? And so, the browser is good! Shelbyy 14-11-2018 20:32:38 (43 months ago) Google does not enter the account to do synchronization. Jalok 06-11-2018 20:03:25 (43 months ago) Rated at: 10 Crap full! alessio72 14-05-2018 21:13:23 (49 months ago) Account Browser. No foreign debris. file watch 14-05-2018 14:37:29 (49 months ago) Is there no soap-and-Yandex infection in it? sstekss 21-12-2017 18:22:35 (54 months ago) Question
I support! anakant 10-12-2017 12:58:19 (54 months ago) Rated at: 7 What can be done to make it remember passwords? sstekss 07-12-2017 19:05:10 (54 months ago) Rated at: 10 I did not even expect that this browser would work quickly from a flash drive. Commendable! But Cent Browser hangs from the flash drive.

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