Series Information
Title: Vina
Release year: 2022
Genre: Melodrama , Thriller , Drama
Director: Karen Zakharov
Cast: Evgeniya Loza, Ivan Stebunov, Sergey Gubanov, Viktor Potapeshkin, Savely Kudryashov, Artemy Padalka, Mark Doronin, Olga Khokhlova, Svetlana Malakhova, Fyodor Paramonov, Valery Skorokosov, Eleonora Ilchenko, Valentin Kulagin, Oleg Filipchik

About the series: Eugene lost his wife – she crashed in an accident on a winter road. The police told him that the culprit of the accident would never be found. For the sake of his sons, he tries to live, desperately clinging to the hope of finding the killer on his own. Only two people know about what happened then: Ivan, who sent Aglaya’s small car to the ditch, and his wife Nina, whom he threatened to keep silent. Having achieved a divorce, Nina arrives in the village where the family lives, orphaned through the fault of her husband. She hopes to do something to help these people. With each passing day, the feeling of guilt corrodes her soul more and more. Meanwhile, it turns out that not only Eugene needs help in this village. Nina plunges headlong into other people’s worries, hoping to forget her pain.

Country: Russia
Studio: Film Company “NRG Film”
Duration: 4x ~ 00:43:54

Codec: h.264
Quality: WEBRip-AVC
Video: MPEG-4 AVC, ~1600 Kbps, 1024×576, 25 fps
Audio: AC3, 2 ch, 192 kbps
Language: Russian
Subtitles: No

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