Rekukler 15-05-2022 10:17:31 (3 hours ago) Thanks a lot! slave owner 15-05-2022 09:37:32 (3 hours ago) Already playable, or still waiting? Are the textures flickering? vik45 28-04-2022 13:33:31 (17 days ago) Thanks for the rip. And which files were affected by the update, otherwise I already downloaded the first version. Download – Internet is slow. William1992 24-04-2022 19:39:05 (21 days ago) Ateistromka
the game should be finished at the moment when they ask for money for it, and not sometime later Ateistromka 12-04-2022 22:58:30 (1 month ago) Rated at: 10 William1992
no my son! everything is in order with the price, when they finish it with your prayers, it will be quite a suitable RPG William1992 11-04-2022 16:56:59 (1 month ago) Rated at: 10 Lord, developers are not ashamed to ask for money for this? there is a cutscene in some kind of desert, then we immediately appear in some kind of forest, we pass 100 meters, the cutscene begins and it is again in the desert. Some kind of bugger. for repack 10! Nibi 10-04-2022 19:55:36 (1 month ago) good game. better than the first Rekukler 10-04-2022 12:01:42 (1 month ago) Rated at: 10 Thanks a lot! juravbg 07-04-2022 13:36:44 (1 month ago) Good game, better than the first Eleks. Better quality done.
Pros: nice picture and landscapes, pumping interesting. Various weapons and bestiaries. Partners talk a lot and variously. Cons: quests are mostly kill-and-fetch, sounds are bad as usual for piranhas, differences in brightness, such as eye adaptation, are too rough and noticeable, bugs in graphics such as disappearing walls. Purple UFOs – as the main enemies – are ridiculous. The plot is nonsense at the end of the game. Played on standard difficulty. The first 2/3 games is the game of the year for me, BUT the last 1/3 is a failure. Just start quests about spawning mobs in different places on the map, where they need to be cleared. Just some kind of shooting range. He flew in, cleaned up, bought patricks, then flew in again, cleaned up, bought patricks. And this is really the last third of the game. Hack, apparently in a hurry to release the game. AleePsiduck 16-03-2022 13:12:03 (2 months ago) In my opinion, better than the first and second Gothic, these Germans did nothing. Then they just rolled down the slope. zuzulis 16-03-2022 10:16:31 (2 months ago) So, everything seems to be fine, but for some reason the main character is constantly somersaulting, like, like when you press the “dodge” key. Is this normal for this game or is it a glitch? I just didn’t play the first game. goodrushin 12-03-2022 13:55:57 (2 months ago) IvanBolvanich, the balance in the first part is simple, you either swing into the weapon you use, or you rake. Strange requirements for improving weapon skills are like a lure that is designed to lead you astray, because you have a desire to pump it to the end, even despite the absurd requirements of the third grade and the mismatch of stats – this is just a trap. For example, you took a hammer or an ax, your main stat is Strength / Fortitude, but the requirements for the Melee Weapon skill are sharpened for Strength and Dexterity, which means that it would be wise to take this skill only for one and not immediately, because there are more profitable defense skills + you can and should think about the Weapon Modification skill.
The same situation with shooters who need to suffer for a long time before they start actively using expensive ammunition and they have to wait an extremely long time for the opportunity to put on the best armor and this is normal, because the ranger in all games does not have the best armor, it’s just that everything is implemented in this game out of class.
There is a simple balance in the settings – start on Ultra, and then change one single character damage setting from Ultra to High without touching the rest of the settings, and not chase the third and even second grades of possession of a particular weapon. A warrior cannot be charismatic, and this is the point of this system, but a warrior, through stamina, takes a hit and mines a lot of ore, everyone has their pros and cons. The only sadness in the game is the magicians, they obviously overdid it with Cunning and Intelligence, plus the same failure with civilian skills, which even with all the desire do not make sense, because with proper development, the skills of Combat / Survival / Craft / Charisma swing even without them, Yes, and they are needed like a dog’s fifth leg, they do not oblige to anything, all the more that completely inadequate demand of the Boy (25) among the clergy. Iskra222 10-03-2022 09:20:06 (2 months ago) I downloaded the first version after the second video I threw it away So I didn’t download it GUNMANVL 09-03-2022 23:40:11 (2 months ago) Rated at: 10 many thanks to me the game went like a classic of the genre. but on 3090 45 fps!? there is no fresh firewood from nvivia from the word at all. textures are dying in the cities zhudko. and according to this, please stir up version 1.03, because this is nostalgia. nostalgia for the Gothic. great repacks from you, thanks in advance… Dimka51Rus 09-03-2022 21:54:37 (2 months ago) Game for 5 minutes. Just thrash! It’s like going back to 2005. Niky6ka 08-03-2022 18:42:37 (2 months ago) Rated at: 10 Something doesn’t work for me after the first eleks. There is a sea of chatter here, you just watch videos with endless boring dialogues. In the first Elex, everything was more serious. And yet – despite the powerful computer and the settings (I lowered something), the control still “pulls”, slows down – because of this, for example, it’s hard to aim from a bow while you aim – the enemy has already bounced and the arrow has been shot in vain. Well, etc. a lot of little things. Eleks 1 rules! But for the distribution of the long-awaited game, the author received respect and 10 points. Ivan Bolvanich 06-03-2022 11:16:21 (2 months ago) Rated at: 10 Part 1 was great, only the character level balance is very strange. Until some point, you run like a bum, hiding in the bushes from everyone. Then you start to annihilate everyone and everything. The transition was very abrupt. Let’s see how it will be here Kinoman Ivanych 03-03-2022 07:56:52 (2 months ago) I demolished part 1 after an hour of playing … A dull outdated RPG. I take it the other one is the same? kitenok 02-03-2022 20:09:20 (2 months ago) Rated at: 6 Part 1 did not go, although I love the Gothic series. The world of Elex is absurd in terms of combining technology and antiquity. It would be better to release a Gothic prequel, well, or a continuation, at least everything is more harmonious there than here. Fortunately, you can now download a new free game in the world of gothic, created by enthusiasts, even though the graphonium is ancient, but it is the good old gothic, with its history and adventures, with a huge world and its heroes, this creation is called “Arholos”. who is interested. GSVORD 02-03-2022 20:01:46 (2 months ago) Rated at: 10 Of course, the management is like this, there are no departures yet, but where to go? the main tasks are not automatically pulled up, one chatter, with such graphics on the ultras, it eats everything and everywhere, but the picture is LOL. I’m playing, but I haven’t entered yet, like a warrior, but he doesn’t know how to make weapons, it’s already funny, you can’t take all the items you poke on the mouse like a nerd, let’s see what’s next. Foreskin 02-03-2022 18:49:26 (2 months ago) Rated at: 10 Thank you! The first part was exciting. oldgames 02-03-2022 12:56:33 (2 months ago) But here comes the frog
gluttonous belly,
And ate the blacksmith.
(2nd screenshot) 7 Den 02-03-2022 12:36:37 (2 months ago) Rated at: 10 Thank you. Not a bad game. Entrery 02-03-2022 12:10:31 (2 months ago) The game crashes right after the cinematic with the attack on Jax… All the way in Latin.

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