Title: We were not taken prisoner
Genre: Memoirs , Military_prose , Great_Patriotic , audiobook
Author: Anatoly Premilov
Voiced by: Sergey Pukhov
Year of publication of the book: 2022
Duration: 13:47:48

The Nazis did not take them prisoner, shooting them on the spot. On the battlefield, they were a prime target for enemy snipers. Their losses are comparable to the losses of combat commanders. Despite the anti-Soviet propaganda, which spared no effort to discredit and “demonize” the Red Army commissars, the words “Communists, forward!” were not an empty phrase at the front – otherwise the Nazis would not have experienced such fierce hatred for the political instructors.

The author of this book went through the entire war “from start to finish” – from the terrible defeats of 1941, when he had to leave the “cauldron” in Ukraine, to the victorious May 45th, which he met in Vienna, commanding a division of heavy guards mortars.

Format/Codec: MP3
Audio Bitrate: 96kbps, 44kHz, Mono

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