Movie Information
Title : Love, death and robots
Original Title : Love, Death & Robots
Year of issue : 2019-2021
Genre : Animation , Horror , Science Fiction , Fantasy , Comedy , Action , Crime
Director : Victor Maldonado, Alfredo Torres, Gabriele Pennaciole, Jerome Chen, Tim Miller, Damian Nenov and others
Cast : Nolan North (Ugly Dave, voice) , Matthew King (Adult Liang, voice) , Josh Brener (K-VRC, voice) , Henry Doubthwaite (Thom, voice) , Graham Hamilton (Decker, voice) , Emily O’ Brian (The Woman, voice) , Helen Sadler (Sonnie, voice) , Elayne Tan (Adult Yan) , Adam Bartley (Sobieski, voice) , Madeleine Knight (Greta, voice) , Hayley McLaughlin (Jennifer, voice) , Andre Sogliuzzo ( Pearly (voice)

Synopsis : For more than a decade, Tim Miller (Deadpool) and David Fincher (Mindhunter, Seven) have nurtured a project inspired by Heavy Metal magazine’s explicit and brutal comics. After several major studios refused to sponsor a future anthology, the directors pitched on Netflix, and as a result, the sci-fi series Love, Death and Robots was born with breakthrough animation, shocking plots, adult ratings and selective black humor. Artists from 11 countries of the world, including Russia, using photorealistic 3D and various 2D animations, took us to the gladiator fights of giant monsters, to the endless space, post-apocalyptic New York and even to the forests of Siberia. The wild imagination of the authors and creative freedom made it possible to combine steampunk with oriental myths, clothe zen philosophy in the shell of Gorillaz clips, borrow the atmosphere of Gravity and the Dead Space game style, pump up the story with a time loop with adrenaline action. With its frankness and courage, Love, Death and Robots will make you take a fresh look at modern animation from little-known studios, whose work in aesthetic terms is by no means inferior to the major Disney and DreamWorks cartoons.

The anthology combines stories that are not connected by a common plot (only a common concept). In the London of the future, Sonny, a girl with a troubled past, controls a brutal kaiju and knows no defeat even from the most ferocious opponents. Three robots travel through the ruins of civilization and find out what exactly killed people. Farmers use giant robots, like in Pacific Rim, to protect their property from space bugs. Superintelligent yogurt offers humanity a solution to all our problems. The members of the spaceship emerge from a long hibernation and find themselves in a completely different place than they planned. The son of a huli jing hunter befriends such a fox girl, and each of them adapts in their own way to a world where soulless mechanisms have replaced magic. A talented pilot girl discovers that the supposedly cursed shuttle becomes her personal “Lucky Trinity”. Conceptual artist Zima Blue brings his latest masterpiece to the public. A young couple discovers an analogue of our civilization in their refrigerator. All of these varying degrees of surreal stories show an absurd, but more often frighteningly plausible future. Some let you fantasize about alternate universes, while others take you on a journey to the beginning of time. Only love and death remain unchanged, even when it comes to robots, creepy aliens, or an over-developed fermented milk product…

MPAA : R – Persons under 17 must be accompanied by an adult

Country : USA
Studio : Blur Studio, NetFlix
Duration : ~00:11:00-00:17:00 episode
Translation : Professional (polyphonic, off-screen) LostFilm

Quality : WEB-DLRip
Format : AVI
Video : 704×352 at 24.000 fps, XviD, ~1600 kbps avg
Audio : Russian: 48 kHz, MP3, 2/0 (L,R) ch, ~128 kbps avg |Multiple voiceover, LostFilm|
Subtitles : None

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