Movie Information
Title : Inspector
original name : Inspecteur la Bavure
Released : 1980
Genre : comedy , crime
Directed by : Claude Zidi

Cast : Coluche, Gerard Depardieu, Dominique Lavanant, Julien Guiomar, Alain Motte, François Perrot, Jean Bouchot, Clément Arary, Philippe Horsen, Martin Lamotte, Dani Saval, Hubert Deschamps, Marta Villalonga, Richard Anconina, Theodore Atkin, Richard Boringer Jeanne Ervial, Michel Püterflam, Louison Rabelin, Christian Spillemecker, Remi Azzolini

About movie :
The son of the great policeman Clement, following the behest of his father, followed in his footsteps. Being a fabulous bungler, he gets into the most ridiculous story on the very first day of his service! He was confused with a criminal and almost put in jail. Thus began his “career”.

At one point, thanks to his gullibility, he becomes an accomplice of a recidivist criminal who, with his help, kidnaps a well-known journalist. Realizing his mistake, Clement selflessly rushes to her aid!

Country : France
Duration : 01:42:15
Translation 1 : Dubbing (c / s named after M. Gorky) with MVO inserts
Translation 2 : Professional (poly-voiced, voice-over)
Original audio track : French

Quality : BDRip 1080p
Video : AVC/x.264, 1792×1080, ~10.5 Mbps
Audio 1 : AC3, 2 ch, 256 kbps | Russian – Dub
Audio 2 : AC3, 2 ch, 256 kbps | Russian – MVO
Audio 3 : AC3, 2 ch, 320 kbps | French (Original)
Subtitles : no


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