dipsy12 14-05-2022 12:24:31 (1 second ago) Rated at: 10 Comment is being checked! It will be visible as soon as someone from the staff approves it! GSVORD 11-05-2022 18:40:13 (3 days ago) Rated at: 10 A rebellious Asian girl who knocked out a former super soldier. The super soldier dropped everything and became a pirate. Super doctor, pierces on obvious mistakes and controls-manipulates everyone with the help of bitchiness. A girl from an alien race with such technologies cannot read who she is with the help of a super AI that was introduced to a super soldier. A bit of combat from a game with graphics, where the main character decides to save not even a comrade, but simply a soldier in reproach to a billion lives, instead of delivering an artifact to the ship and returning to help, because the ship is within easy reach. I can list so endlessly. The only thing that really annoys is the weapon, we have had it since the 70-80s of our days. Dull and sad. The guys did not even try to do something really cool. But to be honest, in terms of fantasy, it’s not bad at all, if you don’t know what you’re watching HALO, then it’s just for once, but if you’re a fan, gentlemen, comrades, take care of your nerves 🙂 Equelibriym 10-05-2022 15:02:51 (4 days ago)

blazetrusher wrote:
but why make Spartans out of girls? If this model will lose on all the main characteristics of a similar male model – then what’s the point? There weren’t enough people there that you had to sculpt super soldiers out of anyone?

If according to the chronology of the game (the original source according to which the series was allegedly made), then the Spartan women appeared only in the 5th part of 2015, before that there was nothing like it, and from the 5th part the halo was no longer halo because the copyright holder changed (((the new owners began to stuff tolerance feminism and other delights of underdeveloped subhumans.Until part 5 of Halo, as a rule, even simple infantrymen were exclusively men, women are very rare, sooooo, and it was clear that there was a war and not a kindergarten.
Nevertheless, according to the lore, there is a canonical answer to the question of why girls should be made into Spartans, the Spartans were selected from children with some outstanding qualities, they were searched everywhere and taken for the program, replacing them with clones, there is about this in the series, there was no snot according to the lore even indirectly. So the girls could also get caught, although the Spartans were not seen in the first parts of the girl, but God bless them with the Spartans girls, here the juvenile infantilism of the GG and other characters is more infuriating, not the army but a kindergarten, an adult man with a weapon in his hands is a fighter protecting humanity from threats of extermination, having learned that he is “foster”, flies off the coils, attacks the commander, spits on humanity and the duty to protect people begins to delve into his pampered wounded feelings, how infuriating it is! Blazetrusher 09-05-2022 21:29:13 (5 days ago) Started watching episode 2. I endured all these “messages” consisting of blacks-Asians-strong women (I wouldn’t be surprised if there are Achtungs among the Spartans), but why make Spartans out of girls? If this model will lose on all the main characteristics of a similar male model – then what’s the point? There weren’t enough people there that you had to sculpt super soldiers out of anyone? “The Agenda” bends the logic as it wants. Gill Galad 07-05-2022 19:03:20 (7 days ago) Does it make sense to watch the series, or is it about a stupid one from the uprising? -=DoMiNo=- 30-04-2022 23:28:50 (14 days ago) mrrvg – and the question is this – here, judging by m.i – two voices, from Lostov and Aleksov – you don’t indicate this in the description, or is there some kind of marriage with the 2nd road? Laskovaya 30-04-2022 21:25:54 (14 days ago) Rated at: 10 Thanks to! voila 30-04-2022 19:02:16 (14 days ago) such a pure school series banksi 30-04-2022 14:05:50 (14 days ago) Hmm… Superspartans at a psychologist’s appointment… Facepalm! If the Terminator were being filmed now, he would be an African American of a liquid brown substance and would fight with slaps. And to Sarah Connor, he would have made his way through the sewers from the neighboring psychiatric ward, where he would have gone to be treated himself … steel_dog 30-04-2022 13:19:08 (14 days ago) Rated at: 1 In episode 6, they interrogate the white woman who killed the ship’s crew in previous episodes. So in the future, when ships will surf space. Then there will be no cameras on the ships? to see how she killed them? and who is she? or all the videos on the ship are erased. So easy and stupid! sometimes I’m amazed! DSmile1 28-04-2022 12:04:58 (16 days ago) Rated at: 10 I like the series so far. Better than Picard and Discovery, in my opinion. Obxbw 24-04-2022 14:03:35 (20 days ago) Rated at: 10 list1999 24-04-2022 1:25:40 (20 days ago) Unfortunately, only the first series was promising, and if you can put up with the agenda of Western culture, then it is very difficult to continue watching with a stupid, illogical plot. Conchifera 23-04-2022 15:45:34 (21 days ago) Rated at: 10 Thank you! D1eZ 21-04-2022 10:12:30 (23 days ago) Rated at: 10 bombalabom 19-04-2022 22:20:27 (25 days ago) Rated at: 10 Not bad at all. I look forward to continuing. Thanks for the release.


Necroman wrote:
In The Mandalorian, the pet (baby Yoda) was cuter than this Chinese woman 🙂

She is Korean. NecroMan 18-04-2022 23:36:03 (26 days ago) Rated at: 8 In The Mandalorian, the pet (baby Yoda) was cuter than this Chinese woman 🙂 Hal_Jordan 18-04-2022 22:50:51 (26 days ago) Rated at: 9 Finally, a normal Halo, but before that, something was not filmed. If anyone does not know – there are 4 parts of some kind of fig kin. By the way, what kind of picture is 1920 * 960 – and not there and not here. This 2.0:1 format was shown for the first time in Jurassic World.
Special thanks for the Russian sub, if everything went like this from Lost XopoIIIAR 17-04-2022 10:28:00 (27 days ago) Rated at: 10 Thanks to! nechitaevant 16-04-2022 20:30:11 (28 days ago) poster tore – who is not a nigga, that is a cool soldier-aunt. In the future, we all oops. gg43 16-04-2022 17:57:25 (28 days ago) Rated at: 6 At the beginning, everything was interesting, but now (4) it all came down to the women talking about how bad everything is, and finding the guilty men, fantasy was in episodes 1-3, now it’s just garbage. ko4onak 10-04-2022 13:11:01 (1 month ago) Thanks a lot! ArXoNa 10-04-2022 11:54:38 (1 month ago) Rated at: 10 erhao8 09-04-2022 14:55:01 (1 month ago) Rated at: 10 Thank you! BeH4ok 09-04-2022 11:48:46 (1 month ago) Rated at: 7 I thought the Pindos had betrayed themselves. But no, everything is fine. Femki manage a warship and serve in the infantry. mezarecor 09-04-2022 11:26:28 (1 month ago) Good series, I recommend. n1ce 09-04-2022 10:18:39 (1 month ago) Rated at: 10 Gui_Molinari 07-04-2022 14:05:21 (1 month ago) Rated at: 10 The series is top! not “children’s” space fiction, God, how I missed this solova96 06-04-2022 16:54:44 (1 month ago) Rated at: 10 Thank you! al982 06-04-2022 10:03:33 (1 month ago) Rated at: 9 I haven’t written for a long time… But the series impressed me, the first episode was very intriguing. I expected it to be so-so, but the plot is “twisted”, the shooting, if you do not look closely at the battles, is good and spectacular, not super duper, but still … quite. orionxxx 05-04-2022 1:19:49 (1 month ago) Extremely unwatchable. And where only such ratings. DrALDR 03-04-2022 11:23:19 (1 month ago) Rated at: 10 Thanks to! miles1978 31-03-2022 23:14:14 (1 month ago) Oh, and they picked up a terrible Asian … tom kukuruz 31-03-2022 02:46:26 (1 month ago) Rated at: 10 darracecorr 30-03-2022 13:55:48 (1 month ago) Rated at: 10 craft14 29-03-2022 5:50:35 (2 months ago) Rated at: 10 voila 28-03-2022 1:46:44 (2 months ago) the series is more for schoolchildren capchenii 27-03-2022 22:59:49 (2 months ago) Rated at: 10 alex26 27-03-2022 14:15:26 (2 months ago) Oh and game, in 2552 they run around with Kalash and the rest of the firearms. grandson of Cthulhu 27-03-2022 10:14:02 (2 months ago) Rated at: 5 And you say there is no development of technology in Russia … by the 22nd century, endless cartridges were invented for Kalash! rusl0001 27-03-2022 8:51:40 (2 months ago) There are 4 women and 2 blacks on the poster… Very tolerant.
How is the series? miapress 27-03-2022 8:18:22 (2 months ago) Alright, I’ll go play the game. web blocker 27-03-2022 02:03:42 (2 months ago)


Lissiara wrote:
I got seriously bombed!

But what did you want? Directed by Otto Butthurts – it was intended)) list1999 26-03-2022 22:10:03 (2 months ago) Rated at: 7 For the first series, it’s not bad at all – the graphics are on the level, the plot is adequate for the first 2/3 of the series, then the game starts, but tolerable. onlinelinks 26-03-2022 21:43:37 (2 months ago) Elpac22 Well, what did the comm help you with, did you rise? ))) Again they are burning on the rutor))) Catch the change, much more detailed than Lissiara’s comms, I practically watched the first series on it))) +4 distributions with comms, but you climb here and apparently you are waiting for a go-ahead. You expect that a person with your tastes will answer you, nuclear))) I met 5 people like me here in two years, but they quickly broke my algorithm and started to fight with each other))) Elpac22 26-03-2022 20:28:09 (2 months ago) Sofa analysts, how is the series worth watching? CRENBERRY 26-03-2022 11:10:27 (2 months ago) Rated at: 10 So the normal voice acting appeared)) thanks)) ingvinor 26-03-2022 11:00:24 (2 months ago) Rated at: 10 mrrvg 26-03-2022 10:56:42 (2 months ago)

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