Create PDF documents three times faster!
• Quick launch of the program.
• Appearance and content of the generated PDF-files are fully consistent with the source materials.

Industrial quality PDF documents
• Support for over 200 of the most common Office file types.
• Simultaneous work with several documents.
• A shortcut button on the Microsoft Office toolbar.
• PDF/A support.
• The ability to select PDF 1.3 or 1.7 specifications will make your PDF document compatible with various PDF viewers.

Hiding sensitive data
• You can hide sensitive information (text and images) in a PDF document, such as a social security number.

Microsoft Active Directory Rights Management Service Protector and Policy Manager
• Enhanced document management through integration with Microsoft Windows Server Active Directory Rights Management.
• Control over access to each PDF-file, the distribution of rights to read and change documents.

XFA Form Filling
• XFA (XML Forms Architecture) support for filling out forms using XFA elements, allowing you to use existing XFA forms.

Advanced editing options
• You can perform various operations with PDF-documents: change the content of the page, select, insert, change, delete, rotate, copy and paste text, images, graphics and add shadows.

Document certification
• You will be able to determine which changes can be applied to your PDF document.

High compression of scanned documents
• A high degree of compression of scanned documents will reduce the size of the final file and optimize the process of its processing.

OCR text recognition
• You can convert scanned documents or regular PDF files into editable text files.

Quick scan
• Optimization of the workflow of converting paper contracts, agreements and other documents into electronic PDF files.
• Scan and convert at the touch of a button.

Adding a Header and Footer to PDF Files
• You can add page numbers, headers and footers directly to a PDF file.

Adding Watermarks and Backgrounds to PDF Files
• You can add watermarks and labels such as Confidential, Draft, and more. to PDF files.
• You can add backgrounds to PDF files to make your documents look professional.

Editing and Modifying PDF Content
• Quickly edit document content and fix errors directly in the PDF file.
Add text to PDF file as needed.

Document editing
• Adding comments, notes, notes.
• Color highlighting, underlining and other ways to highlight text.
• Tools “Redo” and “Undo”.

Compare PDF Documents
• Quick comparison of two documents to determine the latest changes.

PDF page organization
• Reorganize PDF pages without resorting to a direct document application.
• Adding, deleting and merging pages of multiple PDF files.
• Reorder PDF pages with simple drag and drop.

Setting up and filling out electronic forms
• Converting the current form to an electronic PDF form.
• Easy to use customization tools to make your PDF documents more interactive.
• Create and manage a digital signature to quickly add a signature field later.

Optimizing PDF Documents
• Reducing file size for easy sharing and processing.

Protecting PDF documents with passwords and certificates
• Access control to PDF documents.
• Protect confidential PDF documents with passwords.
• Improved security when sending and receiving PDF files.

Adding a Digital Signature to PDF Documents
• Adding a digital signature to PDF documents to streamline business processes.
• Increased security through user authentication.
• Automatic check for unauthorized content changes.

Adding Document Information
• You can add the necessary information about the document for easier archiving and searching.

Additional options for connecting to a Windows ODBC database
• You can expand your customization options by accessing databases via java.
Developers will be able to create scripts to connect to the database and add new data, update information, and delete database entries.

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