Movie Information
Title: Sympathy for Lord Vengeance
original name: Boksuneun naui geot
Released: 2002
Genre: drama , crime
Directed by: Park Chan Wook
Cast: Song Kang-ho, Shin Ha-kyun, Bae Doo-na, Lim Ji-eun, Han Bo-bae, Kim Se-dong, Lee Dae-young, Masashi Fujimoto, Ki Ju-bong, Jeong Kyu-hsiu

Synopsis: The story of Ryu, a deaf-mute, and his sister who needs a kidney transplant. Ryu’s boss, Pak, has just fired him, and Ryu and his girlfriend decide to kidnap Pak’s daughter in order to get a transplant with the ransom. But everything goes catastrophically wrong, and the situation very soon develops into an avalanche of violence and revenge…

Released by: CJ Entertainment, Tartan Films
Duration: 02:01:04
Translation: Professional two-voice voice-over (Tycoon) + Author’s one-voice voice-over (Yu. Serbin)

Codec: x264
Quality: BDRip (Source: Blu-ray Disc)
Video: 1904×824 (2.35:1), 23.976 fps, 11935 kbps
Audio #1: AC-3, 6 ch, 448 kbps (Rus)
Audio #2: AC-3, 6 ch, 640 kbps (Rus)
Audio #3: AC-3, 6 ch, 640 kbps (Kor)
Subtitles: Russian, English
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