Smog 23-03-2022 5:32:54 (2 months ago) possessor, strange comment. It’s as if Marshal Zhukov would write in his memoirs “The war is complete crap. Don’t drive in a tank, or in a fighter, or go on the attack shouting “Hurray !!!” to go.”
The game is pure RTS, without any tactical component. This is STRATEGY. Net. Which, by the way, is a very strong component of the study of the galaxy. Very interesting, by the way. Yes, there is a lot of text. At first, you read, it’s interesting. Then, having studied the main riddles, you just scroll through and rest on development, technology, and the creation of megastructures. A megashipyard is especially necessary in this regard, because the construction and modernization of a large fleet is just an endless race without such a structure. If you need tactics, then this is clearly past. Rekukler 21-03-2022 22:59:44 (2 months ago) Thank you! owner 18-02-2022 10:00:51 (3 months ago) Rated at: 10 The repack is excellent, everything works. the game itself is rubbish. Only accountants and fans of card games will like it. I played 4 hours and it was enough. 1 the whole game – you don’t play but stare at pop-up quests and read. you read. you read. you read and you read. You don’t play. this is a library, not a game. 2 most important – battle tactics. you just look at how the fleets themselves fly and fight – and okay, you could see clearly what and how (like in endless space, for example). boats are drifting. indistinguishable. somehow they die as they kill the enemy. nothing is visible. plus the battle happens right away – while you are controlling the planets on the map – a battle has begun somewhere – and you notice and go to the planet – already in the middle of the battle you look at your fleet.
this is a political simulation game where combat, although in fact the main method to win the game – to expand the empire – is technically ugly. actually it’s an autoboy mentalist_2020 16-02-2022 15:58:16 (3 months ago) Rated at: 10 Thanks for the repack, everything works, mods can be installed. Thank you! Enyalio 02-01-2022 18:07:29 (4 months ago) Rated at: 1 Won’t start: “Failed to start the game.” Do not download, do not waste traffic and time in vain. Iskra222 30-11-2021 16:29:03 (5 months ago) Thank you very much it works
but about the FitGirl repacks, there are a lot of problems after installation. I don’t advise you to waste your traffic shtoff 30-11-2021 16:09:16 (5 months ago) Rated at: 10 TheB4ron , FitGirl’s repacks are shit. ZloyKycaka 30-11-2021 07:43:10 (5 months ago) Rated at: 10 Okay, if the real stability was 100%, otherwise sit, put the pack from FitGirl for 5 hours, so that at 5 o’clock a random error would be snatched out. It is also not clear with the RAM. Written – uncheck if you have more than 2 GB of opera. I have 32 operas and the computer gets up with a stake, at times, if you remove 2 GB of memory st game 30-11-2021 06:44:04 (5 months ago)

Someone wrote:
well, compare how much the repack from fitgirl and from chovka weighs, so in terms of file size it is also worse. .

She left a bonus soundtrack in MP3 format (Chovka cut out the bonus soundtrack), a patch to 3.2.2 is also available separately (read the features of the repack), so the size of the repack is larger (without this, the size would be smaller), and errors are typical for weak systems. Snegovik111 28-11-2021 21:36:08 (6 months ago) Aldiozz +++ fiercely plus that no repack is shit with a bunch of errors Aldiozz 26-11-2021 15:49:50 (6 months ago) Rated at: 10 Depr1926
well, compare how much the repack from fitgirl and from chovka weighs, so in terms of file size it is also worse. . Depr1926 23-11-2021 14:12:00 (6 months ago) Rated at: 10 Well I do not know. For me personally, fitgirl repacks are a way to get the desired game WITHOUT many days of downloading and waiting (yes, shitty mobile Internet in the village). So I’d rather endure a day of download and a four-hour installation (in general, the last repack from it was installed in general for five and a half hours) than I will download for a week and then install in an hour.
It is not necessary to judge the content of a narrow focus from its own bell tower.
And this repack is good, I won’t even argue. Fenix293 14-07-2021 20:04:20 (10 months ago) Rated at: 10 Hey guys, there is still version 2.1.3 (it was 2.1.4), but it’s not working, tell me, is the emphasis on the economy now? Version 2.2 just didn’t like it lacey77 04-06-2021 18:41:16 (11 months ago) Rated at: 10 Thanks repacker. As the years went by, fitgirl’s repacks remained shit, and even the new repackers managed to better meet the needs of ordinary people than these four-hour installs in 12 threads 😀 Ko6MaP 26-05-2021 09:08:09 (12 months ago) cerrit , how nice it would be if it worked)

they would add something to surviving mars, let’s say a flight to the satellites of Mars, or even further, to the satellites of Jupiter, there are other conditions there. so many things you can think of. only this game is always updated, eh.

cerrit 25-05-2021 22:24:06 (12 months ago) greyz125 , straight out of your voice, no offense, as you imagine that you are writing to a blogger / streamer that his content is shit and he immediately quits doing it … greyz125 25-05-2021 21:45:55 (12 months ago) cerrit Yes, because it is impossible, that if you get a repacker with your opuses, then he will simply quit making rips … And who will benefit from this? Only its competitor, who will survive this repacker by inflating the shit, and ordinary users will have less choice. Each repacker has its own audience, so the result suggests itself: if you don’t like it, don’t download it and that’s it! And there is no need to breed govnosrach.
PS Sam repeatedly downloaded trips from Khatab (rest in peace) and from Fitgel. Everyone makes mistakes, and this is normal (only the one who does nothing is not mistaken).
PS1. Now I’m hooked on rips from Chwok. cerrit 25-05-2021 18:49:33 (12 months ago) It seems to be about the results of someone’s work, and not about the individual, isn’t it? And if they’re shit, then why not call them shit? Arctic Stan 25-05-2021 17:35:55 (12 months ago) Rated at: 10 TheB4ron
Oh, how … He praised one (and really for the cause – Chovka has already shown himself to be an excellent repacker), and the other, or rather the other, he immediately poked his face into the dirt. Not to mention the objectivity of such, to put it mildly, assessment. Many people like FitGirl repacks primarily for their compactness, not everyone in the country still has a good and decent Internet. And everyone has mistakes and flaws, even Khatab (bless his memory!) They happened. Personally, I never had any problems with her repacks at all, at least the ones I downloaded. Although he also preferred repacks from Khatab most often. In the end, there is freedom of choice in this. Download only from those repackers and WG that you like. But why be rude and rude? Normal criticism is one thing, rudeness and rudeness is quite another. TheB4ron 19-04-2021 23:38:16 (13 months ago) Rated at: 10 Of course, we all really miss the khatab, but, Chovka, you are his worthy follower. I tried several repacks, and in my opinion, yours is the best. Good luck with your work. I will now, apparently, only use yours.
PS: FitGirl’s repack is shit. Rekukler 16-04-2021 16:40:48 (13 months ago) Rated at: 10 Thank you! Tell me, is it possible to put mods on a pirate? crpunk 16-04-2021 04:40:35 (13 months ago) Rated at: 10

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