Original Title : Spy x Family
Russian name : The family of a spy

Production : Japan
Genre : Adventure , Comedy
Duration : ~00:25:00 episode
Issue : 2022
Studio : Wit Studio
Directed by : Kazuhiro Furuhashi
Cast : Takuya Eguchi

Summary :
Who comes to mind when it comes to secret agents? Of course, the incredible James Bond, who constantly endangers life by performing secret missions. Many ladies dream of such a charismatic and courageous man, so Agent 007 bathes in the rays of female attention.
The hero of this story, Lloyd Forger, is the “James Bond” of his time. Chases, espionage, shootouts, secret missions – all this is an integral part of his life. Having finished one task, he immediately takes on another – fatigue is unknown to him. However, this time the mission turns out to be a bit unusual: he must keep the peace between the two countries, and for this he will have to acquire a fictitious family. The role of the “fatal beauty from Bondiana”, and part-time wife of Lloyd, goes to Yor Forger, a professional assassin with the code name Thorny Princess. To complete the picture, it remains to get another child, and esper Anya Forger is only too happy to get herself cool new parents.
Now the new family will not only have to complete a secret mission without revealing themselves, but also understand that the family is much more than just blood relatives.

Voice acting: Amateur (multi-voiced voice-over): Kawas, Bayana, Smitey, Rin
Sound work: Vladislav

Quality : WEBRip-HEVC 1080p | Format : .mkv
Video : x265(10 bit.), 1920×1080, 1338 kbps, 23.976 fps
Sound (English) : aac, 207 kbps, 48 000 Hz, 2 ch
Sound (Japanese) : aac, 128 kbps, 44 100 Hz, 2 ch
Subtitles (Russian) : ass, embedded | inscriptions
Chapters : present

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