Movie Information
Title: Friday the 13th – Part 2 (1981)
Título original: Friday the 13th Part 2
Released: 1981
Genre: horror
Director: Steve Miner
Cast: Amy Steele, John Fury, Adrienne King, Kirsten Baker, Stuart Charno, Warrington Gillette, Walt Horney, Martha Kober, Tom McBride

About movie:
After the bloodbath that happened at the Crystal Lake camp, the camp was closed, and the sinister Jason Voorhees became a terrible legend, a terrible story that is told around the campfire.

But now, five years later, at a summer camp near the infamous “Crystal Lake”, a company of carefree young people will have an unforgettable meeting with Jason. He is eager to participate in the next round of the exciting game “Kill the Counselor!”. For each of his victims, Jason has prepared a sophisticated and painful death.

Country: USA
Duration: 01:26:59
Translation: professional (poly-voiced voice-over) SV-Double

Quality: HDrip
Video: XviD 704×400, (16:9), 23.976 fps, 2197 kbps avg, 0.325 bit/pixel
Sound: AC3 , 48 kHz , 192.00 kbps avg , 2/0 (L,R)

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