Title : STIKS. On the other side of pity
Author : Dmitry Grishanin
Release year : 2022
Genre : Fantasy , audiobook
Publisher : IDDC
Artist : Roman Popov

Description :

The unique gift of the Straightener – Soulcatcher, allows you to get rid of the parasite of any infected person at the initial stage of the disease. A player with such a gift is valued on the Continent more than white pearls. And the doors of any stub are open to him.
There is no end to those who want to use it. That’s just it has a downside – a rollback. The Rifter can only activate it once every two weeks. When the hour of activation approaches, he is in great demand, and the rest of the time he is an ordinary player, like everyone else, daily solving pressing problems.
His girlfriend was kidnapped. Rihtovschik goes after the kidnapper. The adventure continues…

Cycle “Striker”:

Format : audiobook, MP3, 54 kbps
Duration : 10:02:28

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