Movie Information
Title : Dangerous Patient
original name : The Shift
Release year : 2020
Genre : Drama
Directed by : Alessandro Tonda
Cast : Clotilde Em, Adamo Dionisi, Jan Hammenecker, Jamel Barek, Mustafa Benkerrum, Adam Amara, Philip Bales

About movie :
Returning from a night shift, paramedics Isabelle and Adamo receive an emergency call. There was a terrorist attack in one of the schools, and they need to immediately go to the place of the explosion. Arriving there, the doctors take away one of the injured teenagers named Eden. On the way to the hospital, Isabelle discovers a suicide belt with explosives on the victim while providing first aid. Holding the detonator in his hands, Eden orders the hostages to follow the route indicated by him. At stake are not only the lives of doctors trapped in a deadly trap, but also the lives of the inhabitants of the city.

Country : Italy, Belgium
Studio : Notorious, Tarantula
Duration : 01:23:04
Translation: Dubbed [iTunes]

Format: MKV
Quality: HDRip-AVC
Video : MPEG-4 AVC, 704×396, 1170 Kbps
Audio : AAC-HE, 2ch, 84Kbps
Subtitles: No


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