Name : Titanium Vine
Author : Andrey Livadny
Release year : 2022
Genre : Fantasy , audiobook
Publisher : IDDC
Artist : Mikhail Nordshir, Dmitry Khazanovich

Description :

Cold, dank morning of September 15, 2051…
Almost half a century has passed since the Second Chernobyl disaster. This time it crashed in five places at once. From Sosnovy Bor near St. Petersburg to the Kurchatov Institute in Moscow, from the Novosibirsk Akademgorodok to Kazantip. Simultaneous explosions of monstrous power laid the foundation for the nightmarish Five-Zone. It is hard to imagine that anyone could survive in it. And yet people survived. The new stalkers were opposed not only by mutants and anomalies, but also by the soulless creations of cutting-edge technologies. Mechanoids and steeltechs, autons and tumbleweeds are the true inhabitants of the Wasteland. This world is theirs, and they won’t give it up without a fight. But the desperate girl-stalker Darling – the call sign “Titanium Vine” – is not one of those who retreat in the face of difficulties.

Cycle “Zone of Death” (Andrey Livadny):

Format : audiobook, MP3, 56 kbps
Duration : 10:15:15

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