Title : Fantasy World No. 04 [221]
Publisher : Mir Hobby LLC
Genre : Science Fiction and Fantasy
Year : 2022 (April)

Format : PDF
Quality : Good scan
Illustrations : Color and black and white
Number of pages : 116

Content :

The magazine “World of Fiction”, published since September 2003, is dedicated to fantasy and science fiction in all its manifestations: literature, cinema, games. This is the only such periodical in Russia and the CIS. The magazine is full color, unconditionally monthly, contains an A2 double-sided poster and many interesting articles, original illustrations and stories. “MF” pays attention to all areas in which fantasy penetrates. This is not only fiction, but also cinema, games, illustrations, anime, comics, the Internet and other branches of entertainment – all areas that are of interest to true fans of fantasy and science fiction.

Page examples:

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