Movie Information
Title: Welcome to the family
Release year: 2021
Genre: comedy , crime , melodrama
Director: Vladimir Zinkevich
Cast: Vladimir Sychev, Svetlana Kamynina, Pyotr Buslov, Kristina Stroiteleva, Vyacheslav Morozov, Rostislav Bershauer, Alexey Maslodudov, Yulia Topolnitskaya, Tornike Kvitatiani, Sergey Ivanyuk, Dmitry Krasilov, Igor Yasulovich, Elena Sanaeva, Marina Poddubnaya, Evgeny Pakhomov, German Dyatko , Kirill Polukhin, Anton Kolesnikov, Danila Lebedev, Konstantin Murzenko

About movie:
Leonid Ivanovich – Godfather. In this world, he loves only two things: to be the Godfather and his daughter Mira. In order not to anger the boss, Mira is bypassed by everyone. Except for Sasha, who knew nothing about the family, and just fell in love at first sight. Now he has a difficult task – not to lose his hand and heart before the wedding.

Released: Belarus / AvantDrive
Duration: 01:52:02
Voice acting: Original | KinoPoisk HD

Format: AVI
Quality: WEB-DLRip
Video: XviD, 1412 Kb/s, 720×304
Audio: Russian: AC3, 448 Kb/s (6 ch)
Subtitles: No

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