no such user 27-04-2022 17:19:11 (15 days ago) spezza123
Dude, don’t tell me what to do and I won’t tell you where to go. Version is buggy as I wrote, now I downloaded and everything is fine again)) spezza123 26-04-2022 15:13:39 (16 days ago) no such user
Dude, look for the problem at home. Everything works perfect for me. the previous version (2.9) worked really well too! no such user 17-04-2022 17:18:34 (25 days ago) Version 3.3.5 is buggy! In the Start context menu, whatever item you click on, a powershell pops up, and not what you need. spezza123 10-04-2022 16:22:51 (1 month ago) Rated at: 10 Shaw are you different? Sho that “How Windows 11 came out, updates almost every day. Zadolbalo” sho this one with its 1909. Well, what does your “most necessary opinion in the world” have to do with it? If even you are not satisfied, then what are you, gentlemen, doing here on the page?
For example, win11 + StartAllBack suits me. And not a powerful computer today 10400 is below average, but win11 works fine. I just went to say “thank you” to the repacker and the creator of the program, because without StartAllBack I wouldn’t use it at all, because I’m used to the classic context menu and start. niknio 02-03-2022 14:18:33 (2 months ago) no such user that feeling when you sit on a stable build of 1909 and don’t worry about any updates) no such user 25-11-2021 12:45:48 (6 months ago) Rated at: 10 As Windows 11 came out, updates almost every day. Zadolbalo. MAeCTPO99 19-11-2021 12:30:46 (6 months ago) Repack name StartBack (StartIsBackStartAllBack) AiO 1.0.40 (Repack) Alastor1991 08-11-2021 15:11:17 (6 months ago) UWD (Universal Watemark Disabler) does not work with StartAllBack installed. there is an inscription insider preview in the corner of the screen and how not to remove it. I delete StartAllBack and then UWD works. together no way. Is there any way to remove the inscription insider preview without uwd and has anyone encountered such a problem? I use W11 22494 hromamk 29-10-2021 18:41:15 (6 months ago) appears in 1-2 years 🙁 on the menu, like the license has expired or something exclusive 25-10-2021 11:41:55 (7 months ago) The program costs flour, do not be ashamed, support the developer BlackStalker 12-10-2021 0:28:14 (7 months ago) I don’t know, it’s worth 2.7.3, I never updated it. Yes, and it doesn’t make sense, it works, and okay. It makes sense to make 100500 new versions if they still don’t invent anything new lam41k 11-10-2021 12:20:29 (7 months ago) Rated at: 10 for win 11 it’s just a must-have – thank you very much, the only thing I prefer is the software from the rabbit … Stas Black 19-09-2021 02:01:42 (8 months ago) For fans of 7, and so a completely useless program. In the modern 10, everything is already well established. SharkG 05-07-2021 14:58:59 (10 months ago) After updating Windows, glitches or glitches begin, the computer slows down! maxotto 28-06-2021 11:51:17 (11 months ago) Rated at: 10 Cool program!!! But still, can’t you buy it? The Russian version for two PCs costs only 125 rubles. Buy once and get all updates for free. danylko 16-06-2021 8:05:30 (11 months ago) In elchupacabra the next day emoticon… 4e5ypalllka 28-04-2021 1:35:32 (13 months ago) Please – let’s say what’s new in the spoiler – it’s not difficult for you, but it’s nice for us (I, for example, have limited traffic – 3 GB per month, and these all sorts of official sites – 2-5 megabytes per page are taken away. It seems a bit – but it all adds up ! victor 11-03-2021 1:15:16 (14 months ago) Rated at: 10 Version 1.3.4 is the most stable for Windows 10 Zzombo 26-01-2021 21:58:06 (16 months ago) Rated at: 10 I’m sitting on 2.9.1 for me the most stable and I advise you, because as I do not update, quirks begin. -=DoMiNo=- 08-09-2020 10:50:38 (20 months ago) bombalabom – I agree with you)) this program is already useless on viin-10! bombalabom 08-09-2020 09:09:04 (20 months ago) And in my opinion now on Win10 Enterprise 2019 LTSC ver. 1809, the Start menu is already functional and nothing needs to be redone. After the seven, I switched to it completely painlessly. It’s my personal opinion. .:MASUKA:. 05-08-2020 22:10:18 (21 months ago) Open Shell Menu, formerly Classic Shell
everything else was godlessly buggy and crashed sly clown 02-08-2020 23:54:45 (22 months ago) Analogues: Start Menu X, Start Menu Reviver, Start Menu 10. Mortalz666 02-08-2020 23:42:06 (22 months ago) in my opinion, the modern windows menu is already quite convenient Raven78 02-08-2020 21:08:11 (22 months ago) For some reason the activation failed after a few days. Rearranged from Krol – all the rules. Bytie 10-08-2019 5:37:42 (34 months ago) Rated at: 10 Big thanks !!! The program is the best of its kind. Burkas 01-04-2019 12:29:37 (38 months ago) Epson Writes

Hidden text

I was helped by a rollback to the version before 2.8 Epson 27-03-2019 10:33:16 (38 months ago) Today, for some unknown reason, the programs fixed since Windows 7 in the Start menu on the left have disappeared. Instead of a list, a sad smiley. There is a list on the right, but also a sad smiley. It is not possible to pin programs to the column on the left. How to fix, who knows?

Hidden text

mrzjukale 12-02-2019 18:54:56 (39 months ago) Rated at: 10 Thanks!!! Releboy 22-09-2018 5:15:05 (44 months ago) Rated at: 10 Super! Jalok 21-09-2018 11:09:42 (44 months ago) Rated at: 10 Thank you! sword2018 09-02-2018 18:37:48 (52 months ago) Rated at: 10 Excellent program grishan26 09-02-2018 10:18:18 (52 months ago) how to enter it
I can’t find shortcut after installation jadmag 14-12-2017 13:38:24 (54 months ago) Rated at: 10 the program is truly amazing! student05 19-11-2017 13:33:44 (54 months ago) Rated at: 10 Thank you.
Works norms.
The program is the best of its kind. SanalD 19-04-2017 20:18:08 (62 months ago) when you press the Windows and Ctrl keys at the same time, the native Windows start is launched Kickass2016 17-04-2017 19:59:55 (62 months ago) Strange, what’s wrong with me?!
I am engaged in setting up software for users and reinstalling windows. I practically don’t use Start at all, all the necessary icons are placed on the taskbar or on the desktop.
Yes, and in the current 10-ke an excellent start. SanalD 28-03-2017 20:14:14 (62 months ago) rapuk , I’m sorry that only your activation does not work. rapuk 27-03-2017 21:28:40 (62 months ago) SanalD, installed and popped up – This is a version for 30 days, deleted and downloaded another repack SanalD 27-03-2017 19:45:23 (62 months ago) Rated at: 10 rapuk , not true, activated in the distribution. rapuk 27-03-2017 18:45:39 (62 months ago) this is a trial version for 30 days Pakston Fettel 09-10-2016 20:43:04 (68 months ago) What are you whining. Is someone forcing you to install this program? Or just attention deficit? CONE 23-07-2016 22:40:57 (71 months ago) I like this option more. Nevermore1 21-07-2016 21:00:41 (71 months ago) Rated at: 10 ClassicShell is buggy. I did not add new installed programs to the list. With intricate settings, the need for most of which is doubtful. And yes, she does look a little sloppy.
StartIsBack is a completely different matter. Moved to her and happy with everything. Much better than ClassicShell. Works on win10x64.

The start in the top ten is normal, but I still like the start from StartIsBack more.

Author, correct the description. If the treatment is carried out, write in the title.

veqo 01-07-2016 10:42:40 (71 months ago)

Root@user911 wrote:
Windows 10 is a great start!


nPoBoD wrote:
… After a disgustingly crap, horror 8k in 10k, everything is fine with Start …

If you remember, it was not in the initial builds at all, but was added later, at the insistent request of the users, but it was buggy, then it started, then it didn’t. And now – it’s gov * oh gov * om. It may be convenient for touch screens, but on 90% of laptops, and even more so stationary PCs, they simply do not exist. And in general, if the melkosoft did not improve the performance of the system, then it would be possible to safely remain on 7k.


sepeso wrote:
I use Classic Shell…

Yes, this is a great program with many functions that are not in the subject, but it will be difficult for ordinary users to configure it. nPoBoD 01-07-2016 0:33:34 (71 months ago) Rated at: 5 With “Windows” exactly 20 years since windows 3.11. IMHO After the disgusting crap, the horror of 8k in 10k, everything is fine with Start! But let’s see what the product is. winaqua 20-06-2016 21:14:44 (72 months ago) funky1986 well, here you are, an expert on breasts 🙂 Alex49 06-02-2016 13:57:59 (76 months ago) I put Start10 and forgot that there is one. There is everything that you just don’t want. I recommend it. Methuselah 23-12-2015 02:07:29 (78 months ago) Rated at: 7 I use the free Classic Shell, no worse than this! sepeso 19-12-2015 22:22:21 (78 months ago) Rated at: 6 I use Classic Shell, nothing else is needed… funky1986 21-11-2015 14:49:45 (79 months ago) Rated at: 10 Show young users any new and they are happy.
But it’s not for veterans.
And everyone can’t tear themselves away from the boobs … It’s not about the breasts, but how to suck on it correctly … Yes, so that more milk would get into your mouth and not flow around your mouth. ApLoader 16-11-2015 17:28:54 (79 months ago) All the same, people can’t take their boobs off 🙂 romasemyon 26-10-2015 11:06:24 (80 months ago) Rated at: 10 Thanks for sharing. MegaZ0NDER 07-10-2015 18:41:13 (80 months ago) Rated at: 10 Excellent program. I don’t understand why this UG launch windows 10 is needed when there is a worthy replacement.

Beware – spoiler!

Root@user911 06-10-2015 19:32:37 (80 months ago) I don’t understand why this UG is needed? Windows 10 is an excellent start !!! spartacus 06-10-2015 17:12:00 (80 months ago) Yes, no, at 10 the start menu is excellent, this is for the eight, because there is tin -=DoMiNo=- 06-10-2015 16:38:20 (80 months ago)

Someone wrote:

– for example, I’m not going to master it)) I somehow feel comfortable on 8.1)) neo63 06-10-2015 15:58:45 (80 months ago) This is for those who have not mastered the top ten? dumb though.. jeorje 21-09-2015 12:02:16 (81 months ago) gorec.pavel , he hardly confuses something, I’ll be here soon – in ten days – for a year already .. gorec.pavel 19-09-2015 23:57:29 (81 months ago) wmid16 15-09-2015 08:41:31 (5 days ago)
And why do you not like the launch in 10ke? I’ve been on it for 8 months

8 months? you don’t confuse anything?

jeorje 19-09-2015 18:31:43 (81 months ago) returns to Windows 10 a fully functional Start menu launch button , – as if in the top ten the button is not fully functional, much more functional than in some; in general, a dozen, it must be admitted, was very successful, much better than the clumsy dinosaur of the seven and more flexible and more interesting than the eight, a cool axis .. DRIZER 18-09-2015 07:53:05 (81 months ago) When WIN 10 is perfected, just in time WIN 11 will be released it is an endless race for …….

More successful than WIN 7, as for me, has not yet been done, but I hope that someday they will.

We took under WIN 8, added bugs-lags and other crap (in general, nobody needed it, but on the contrary, killing the desire to install this OS), slightly changed the interface and oops, it turned out to be WIN 10 (but that’s just so that it works normally and supports older hardware), you still need to release 100500 updates, patches, drivers and other service packs, it will take a couple of years and just get WIN 11.

Well, what will happen next you already know))).

Kolmak 15-09-2015 18:49:30 (81 months ago) Does not allow installation if another version is installed. wmid16 15-09-2015 07:41:31 (81 months ago) Rated at: 10 And why do you not like the launch in 10ke? I’ve been sitting on it for 8 months, everything is fine and without old trash! Alex49 29-08-2015 15:54:14 (82 months ago) Rated at: 10 Thank you, it works in 10 home, sometimes it crashes if the registry is rolled back. The option for everyone is very good, but it’s not very good in one mug, the table floats off the screen and is not regulated. .Thanks again!!! Kolmak 21-08-2015 19:01:25 (82 months ago) Rated at: 10

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