power222 17-09-2021 0:27:59 (8 months ago) zastoj 10-06-2021 21:19:16 (11 months ago) About “popularity”, quality, convenience, flexibility, etc. This browser can be said at least by the fact that on this resource it has only the only distribution – this one. And distributing ZERO. On another tracker with a consonant name, there is not a single distribution of this browser at all. Yes, apparently it is so popular that it was completely dismantled, to the last copy, so I didn’t get it … nkolay 20-04-2021 17:03:34 (13 months ago) Rated at: 10
Slimjet has been (works) the main one for many years, Cent is in the wings. Everyone is happy!
Those who write that they load the CPU, disk or memory, I advise you to look for reasons. I’m sure you’ll find them, but whatever it is, process or hardware, it’s unlikely to be a Slimjet. xxl 07-11-2020 8:39:55 (18 months ago) Rated at: 10 I read the comments and listened to maxus “Only Cent browser” – put it. Well, what can I say everything with an accuracy of one turn … Memory loads almost twice as much and when opening pages, it also slows down twice as long. (Without extensions, clean) … no, no, only Slim!
Like. CoronerLemur 06-11-2020 15:15:32 (18 months ago) This patient, unfortunately, is rather dead. It used to be good, but it’s worn out. It eats more than usual chrome with the same extensions, periodically, for some reason, heavily loads the screw. maxus 10-01-2020 10:49:08 (28 months ago) Only Cent browser, below we wrote about it already. It is more understandable, there are buns, it is updated. for me, he is the best lame. I also used SlimJet, but it is more sophisticated and there are nuances, in general, I chose Cent from these two and hung on it for 4 years already. ikjehd7653427 13-07-2019 17:33:29 (34 months ago) bertal5000
I read your message very concentrated, be sure to write more, a masterpiece. You should teach, instruct children on the true path. I saved your comment, I will instruct too smart people with it. stas20 04-07-2019 21:24:46 (35 months ago)

bertal5000 wrote:
Cent browser, pretty nimble all-terrain vehicle. Requires careful setup, but worth it. If you do not work online, but just chat on social networks, play games, listen to music, watch videos, then this is your choice. In terms of security, it has many holes and, unlike Yandex, it is extremely unsafe to access unverified sites from it without an antivirus installed on your computer.

Here it is burning dude. And about four whales in general fire. Yes, they haven’t moved yet…
One can only add that accessing the Internet is generally unsafe. Metrosexual 18-06-2019 09:13:18 (35 months ago) Rated at: 10 The browser is good, I have been using it for a long time! bertal5000 12-06-2019 03:12:10 (36 months ago) Things are as follows, there are 4 whales in the browser market. These are Mozilla Firefox, Yandex browser, Opera and Google Chrome. All closest to them is the Center browser. Google is completely subordinate to the US State Department, I strongly do not recommend using it on home computers. After they impudently cut off hundreds of thousands of Huawei and Meiza phone users around the world from the play market, it is not known what will come into their heads next time. Mozilla is good for everyone, fast, multifunctional, safe, suitable for all occasions. No wonder this particular browser is installed by default in all Linux systems. The settings in it are very flexible, extensions are considered the most advanced in terms of functionality. The same TOR is made on this browser. On Mozil, you can set up super anonymity on your own and TOR is not needed, but you have to move your convolutions and spend time on it. Opera has a built-in vpn, and is also very convenient to use, but over time it starts to slow down. It is possible that the team stuffed it with completely unnecessary chips, but the hands have not yet reached the optimization. Yandex browser is truly a whale of all browsers, it has a built-in virus protector, Alice voice assistant, a turbo mode that allows you to bypass any blocking, a protected mode when using electronic wallets, and a huge number of chips. Therefore, if you use dubious sites, you have electronic wallets, you trade on stock exchanges, then this browser is for you. By the way, contrary to the tales of his sluggishness, he flies faster than opera and even the same mozilla (which shows excellent results in speed tests) and even on the most ancient computers, shows consistently fast speed. But there is one BUT, in order to enjoy the full functionality of its work, you will need to connect a Yandex mail account. And then do not doubt that the Yandex team will begin to collect all the ins and outs on you. But if you have nothing to hide, and even more so if you have a Yandex wallet, then this is an ideal choice in terms of online security, but not anonymity .. Cent browser, a pretty smart all-terrain vehicle. Requires careful setup, but worth it. If you do not work online, but just chat on social networks, play games, listen to music, watch videos, then this is your choice. In terms of security, it has many holes and, unlike Yandex, it is extremely unsafe to access unverified sites from it without an antivirus installed on your computer. mantr67 31-05-2019 4:19:56 (36 months ago) Rated at: 1 does not go anywhere, does not bypass blocking. A rare hat !!! But thanks for the hard work. stas20 10-02-2019 20:49:05 (40 months ago)


rov wrote:
I used to sit on it, now it’s better than this on Cent Browser

I support. Until yesterday I sat on Slimjet. Everyone was pleased. Yesterday slimjet does not log in to the account, or to the mail and other Google services, it is not possible to log in. Before that (for a long time though, a couple of years ago) there was Iron, I put it on – the same thing, Google’s authorization does not work on any services. Searching, reading, well, I stumble upon the message rov . Install Cent Browser. Chrome-like went through a lot for many years. rov , thank you very much. It works faster than slimjet or iron, while I use it today, but my impressions are already positive. vladislays 10-12-2018 13:53:50 (42 months ago) Rated at: 9 Great browser, but at the moment there is nothing better than Cent Browser Don29 27-11-2018 20:30:16 (42 months ago) Rated at: 10 I didn’t like the design of this browser, in the end I chose Cent Browser, everything is fine in it, and most importantly, it’s fast, without brakes. X_Rus 28-09-2018 12:06:57 (44 months ago) How can I force the browser to immediately launch uTorrent after downloading the link? And then he first downloads the link in Downloads and only then uTorrent starts, which also creates its own * .torrent file, but already in its folder. (in Explorer so-clicked on the torrent link, it immediately opens in uTorrent) rov 01-09-2018 16:32:42 (45 months ago) I used to sit on it, now it’s better than this on Cent Browser Yakudza71 01-09-2018 1:21:47 (45 months ago) Viiko, but it’s a little different for me – maxton is in the 1st place (in terms of functionality, it has no equal), and everything else is complete bullshit! psvpva 26-07-2018 14:14:17 (46 months ago) Rated at: 8 The browser is not bad, but in the latest versions there was a crash like “OPANKI”. Went back to version 17. Maybe someone knows what the problem is – unsubscribe. Viiko 02-06-2018 10:58:45 (48 months ago) I rank the browsers in order like this:
1. Pale Moon
3. S.R.Ware Iron
4. Firefox
5 Chrome
6. Maxthon
7 Opera
UC Browser – good, smart, but breaks the work of other browsers! Works against the rules – a bully!
The remaining browsers are specific, at the discretion of their needs, in terms of the power of the PC and operating systems. CoronerLemur 17-05-2018 18:04:22 (49 months ago) It’s become complete shit 🙁 open book 24-12-2017 18:42:08 (53 months ago) Icons like 10 years ago. True, even then it looked like a gypsy. Ham 07-11-2017 22:17:08 (55 months ago) SidorovVanek , for Thor and the yard, darknet vanlove. And you still need to look not at the number of processes, but at the total cost of RAM and performance, in principle.
Slim is a top lightweight browser, although I myself sit and rejoice at Yandex Browser. SidorovVanek 05-11-2017 11:29:03 (55 months ago) This slime is really faster than Google Chrome, but for me FireFox is the best, because it is friends with addons, it works on XP, it loads YouTube even without flash (html5), it has only one exe both in folders and at work (there is also only one firefox in the task manager. exe)! Pale moon/SeaMonkey/TorBrowser/ThunderBird – all these browsers are crap! The old opera is still normal, but the new one on the Googlechrome engine is crap, and all the other browsers on the Chromium engine are crap! Kairaman 29-09-2017 20:09:31 (56 months ago) Rated at: 10 Thank you very much, everything is up and running.
The same Google Chrome, only better.
Pages open faster in my opinion.

take care of yourself. ScreamerClauz 13-08-2017 20:36:35 (58 months ago) shmayser Slim has a small problem with the updater’s IP address. His beeline (and several providers for sure) stupidly and natively blacklisted him. To defeat this evil, you need to install the friGate addon, and write the rule *.slimjetbrowser.com there
Updates will start as expected. vano76 11-08-2017 18:12:22 (58 months ago) Rated at: 6


Someone wrote:
What is ”all the way”??? Windows XP browser stopped supporting since version 11, when it switched to Chromium 51

see already the system requirements of the program …

shmayser 08-07-2017 21:00:41 (59 months ago) Rated at: 10 There was a version, I really don’t remember which number, but somehow not so long ago, I decided to update. I see that the resolution of the picture somehow fell. Everything is fine in the Windows settings. determine that your resolution ###### knows how small. Before that, everything was fine. Well, I found the old comodo executable still before the New Year. Developed what they messed up. Who knows, unsubscribe. As for Slimjet, I want to say that it’s a good browser. Everything you need is there. Viiko 13-05-2017 17:35:11 (61 months ago) Rated at: 10 For Windows xp here – https://www.slimjet.com/en/dlpage_xp.php MuJI4eJIoBeK 29-04-2017 13:11:04 (61 months ago)

Someone wrote:
Windows xp, all the way.

What is ”all the way”??? Windows XP browser stopped supporting since version 11, when it switched to Chromium 51. RUTOR_ORG 27-04-2017 23:01:05 (61 months ago) Rated at: 6 Torch is lighter, more functional and more pleasant (beautiful) interface. Rated the browser. catharai 27-04-2017 22:52:14 (61 months ago) Yes, put Cent and don’t worry – fast, convenient and understandable) lordzia 27-04-2017 16:57:15 (61 months ago) updated portable to Sergey273 10-04-2017 1:46:43 (62 months ago) Rated at: 10 Thanks for the quality distribution! hightek 07-04-2017 22:28:14 (62 months ago) about the mozilla – it’s the second after the Internet Explorer in terms of brakes, it has always been and will remain, plus it’s not at all convenient to manage than chrome or opera, although there are a lot of plugins for it. b0ss 07-04-2017 18:19:57 (62 months ago) Rated at: 10 In the course of 2 months ago, something started to curl me up …
Slimjet and Yandex browser are just rockets… papabobr 20-03-2017 12:17:47 (63 months ago) under XP does not plow. or it is necessary to select kernel32.dll. What is fraught with the departure of the entire Windows grig’s 05-02-2017 14:17:14 (64 months ago) brake with bugs. i choose mozilla b0ss 04-02-2017 23:05:55 (64 months ago)


CoronerLemur wrote:
Alas, with updates it becomes more and more slow, and bugs are not fixed.

Wow, yes … now, compared to Slimjet – YandexBrowser is just a rocket … CoronerLemur 04-02-2017 15:18:19 (64 months ago) Alas, with updates it becomes more and more slow, and bugs are not fixed. bilvis 02-02-2017 21:49:03 (64 months ago) I really like Slimjet. I hardly use Firefox even though it is installed. veqo 10-01-2017 10:03:26 (65 months ago) I installed it, used it for two or three weeks, but returned back to Chrome. I won’t say that it is faster, but it’s not more stable than Chrome – yes. tatunserg 08-01-2017 0:21:22 (65 months ago) features are interesting.
but that many deceive about speed? it is three times slower. checked on “heavy sites” nemo67 27-12-2016 22:46:20 (65 months ago) Rated at: 10 Excellent! Updated to version, everything flies and plows as it should, I’ve been using it for the second year! Ham 20-12-2016 20:46:06 (66 months ago) Rated at: 10 The best thing I’ve tried on the Chromium engine. shuter 22-11-2016 22:22:13 (67 months ago) Rated at: 10 Shustrenko! Thank you alsoft 13-10-2016 18:03:08 (68 months ago) Auto-update does not work, you can check the update and download it manually. mironov1514 13-10-2016 16:38:02 (68 months ago) Rated at: 10 Thanks!!! Luminofor 12-10-2016 20:22:34 (68 months ago) Tell me who knows, does the auto-update of the version work for him? Rakio 08-10-2016 23:59:15 (68 months ago) Rated at: 10 Everything suits, except for opening new tabs not in the background. Does anyone know how to fix this? alsoft 03-10-2016 13:41:02 (68 months ago) For several versions now, it hasn’t opened rubricators on YouTube. Annotations are on, adblock is off and zero effect. I used to open it by default. Who will tell you what kind of nonsense it is? DADO79 29-09-2016 20:36:13 (68 months ago) Rated at: 10 I did NOT expect this one to be faster than chrome… Thanks anatoliydn2 28-09-2016 15:10:03 (68 months ago) Rated at: 9 the best browser – everything flies …

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