Program version : 1.0.21
Official site : Sandboxie LTD
Interface language : Russian, English and others
Treatment : not required

System requirements :
Windows 7 SP1 – Windows 11 (x86/x64)

Description :
Sandboxie plus is an open source continuation of Sandboxie – a utility to control the operation of various programs. After installing the utility, the interaction of various programs with the system will occur through it. This will make it possible to remove traces of the last application session. Thus, Sandboxie acts as a kind of filter in which all changes made to the system by various programs are delayed. Thanks to this approach, it is possible to remove installed spyware and promotional utilities that penetrate the computer, for example, through a browser. In the same way, the utility monitors the work of the mail program, directing viruses and trojans attached to letters into its “trap”.

Additional Information:

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