Title : Battle for Lukomorye [Book 2]
Author : Roman Papsuev, Vera Kamsha
Release year : 2021
Genre : Fantasy , adventure , myth , epic , audiobook
Publisher : Eksmo
Artist : Alexander Aravushkin

Description :

There is nothing more disturbing than the calm before the storm, and it is about to break out over White Light. The first peals of a thunderstorm are thundering over the horizon, the pieces are placed on the board, and Darkness is preparing to start a terrible game with the defenders of Russia and all of Slavia. Everyone has their own role. Alyosha challenges the unbridled evil spirits, dangerous adventures await Sadko and his team, Dobrynya Nikitich tries to prevent war… The adventures of the heroes of “Tales of Old Russia” continue!


Cycle “Tales of Old Russia”:

Format : audiobook, MP3, 128 kbps
Duration : 25:28:15

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