Title : Battle for Lukomorye [Book 1]
Author : Roman Papsuev, Vera Kamsha
Release year : 2021
Genre : Fantasy , adventure , myth , epic , audiobook
Publisher : Eksmo
Artist : Alexander Aravushkin

Description :

Mightier and immense is the World Tree Karkolyst. A great variety of worlds, large and small, dark and light, are woven into its branches. And one of them is White Light. The middle and ancient world, full of wondrous wonders. A rich land spread freely in it – Slavia, in the middle of it – great Russia, and around – the kingdom-kingdoms of the Golden Chain, popularly referred to as Far Far Away. Yes, that’s the trouble – clouds are gathering over peaceful and prosperous Slavia, bloodthirsty evil spirits are gathering in the dark forests, and the insidious enemy has already planned a war …
The unique project “Tales of Old Russia”, created in 2015 by artist and writer Roman Papsuev, is based on Slavic folklore, Russian folk tales and epic epics. Heroes familiar from childhood have been moved to the author’s fantasy universe, where many exploits and adventures await them. A bright, original world, relatives and at the same time new images – you have never seen anything like this!


Cycle “Tales of Old Russia”:

Format : audiobook, MP3, 128 kbps
Duration : 15:49:50

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