Software version : 31.0.0
Official Website : Moonchild (MC Straver)
Interface language : Russian, English
Treatment : not required

System requirements :
• Windows 7 – Windows 11 (x86 / x64)

Description :
Pale Moon is a web browser based on the popular Mozilla Firefox browser. Pale Moon is fast and stable. Therefore, if you have experience using the Firefox browser, you will not experience difficulties using it. Optimizing the source code only for the necessary functions, along with maintaining compatibility with thousands of Firefox extensions, made it possible to obtain high stability and a significant increase in speed (about 25%, according to the SunSpider test) compared to its prototype.

Features :
• Optimized for modern processors
• Familiar, efficient, fully customizable interface (not Firefox’s Australis!)
• Based on Firefox ESR sources of the previous version
• Improved stability – even fewer browser crashes
• High speed page rendering and script processing
• Massive and extensible support for HTML5 and CSS3
• Support for VP9 and Opus codec
• Supports many Firefox extensions and themes
• Support for exclusive extensions and themes for Pale Moon
• Many options for personalization and configuration
• Improved bookmarks system from bookmarks menu and Drag&Drop function
• Separate versions for 32 and 64 bit OS
• Versions for 64-bit OS are optimized for processors with native 64-bit architecture (double optimization for 64-bit code)

About the portable version:


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12-05-2022 09:19:08 (5 minutes ago)
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tockarev 01-03-2020 19:05:16 (27 months ago) Rated at: 10

Someone wrote:
What for all these dances with a tambourine if there is initially portable SlimJet or Cent Browser at the worst without any problems???

Thank you so much for getting to know Slimjet, I’ve been using Cent for a long time, I’m very pleased, especially with little things like downloading screenshots built-in, etc., now I’ll get acquainted with Slim. Thanks again)

oldgames 12-09-2019 20:12:24 (32 months ago)
The browser is very good and very fast, only these dances with a tambourine. Is it really impossible to make a built-in Russian language and Adblock?
Maryshka 11-06-2019 11:37:54 (36 months ago)

Someone wrote:
How to Russify? Russifier with xpi extension instead of exe-How to install it..

using the browser, of course. “open with” – select PM browser” and confirm the installation of the add-on, restart the browser.
alternatively, drag the add-on file to the open browser window/tab with the mouse and confirm the installation..

Kulibyaka8 21-05-2019 22:43:24 (36 months ago)
How to Russify? Russifier with xpi extension instead of exe-How to install it if it opens as a folder and inside a subfolder called Chrome? This is some nonsense.


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