Title : The Other Mrs.
Author : Mary Kubika
Release year : 2022
Genre : Thriller , Audiobook
Publisher : INSPIRIA (Eksmo)
Performed by: Veronica Rayciz

Description :

When Will Foust moved his wife and sons to a tiny town in Maine, he was sure that this was where they could build a better, brighter future. However, his wife, Sadie, is also frightened by his gloomy, hateful niece, whose mother, Will’s sister, committed suicide right there in the attic, and by the closed and unfriendly neighbors. And then there is this brutal murder of a neighbor just a few weeks after their arrival. Not only that: someone leaves an anonymous threatening message to Sadie herself. A message with a single word: “Die.” And the farther, the less she wants to return to this old, gloomy, creaky house, in which (Sadie has no doubt!) A young, but dangerous and incredibly prudent enemy hid. An enemy involved in the murder of a neighbor too – this is evidenced by the evidence that Sadie accidentally found on the stairs …

Format : audiobook, MP3, 55 kbps
Duration : 10:55:02

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