Title: Lord of the Magillera, Lord of the Dead. Volume 1
Genre: Fantasy , Action , Audiobook

Author: Konstantin Solovyov
Voiced by: Vyacheslav Bulavin
Year of publication of the book: 2022
Publisher: LitRes
Duration: 21:23:04

How to protect your colleagues if they fear you and despise you … Flanders, 1919, the most terrible war in the history of mankind is still rumbling. The will of the Kaisers and kings is dictated by tanks and airplanes, and the magilliers, front-line magicians of the 20th century, are also faithful to it. Germany has not yet accepted the surrender, and its last hope is the “dead units”, in which yesterday’s dead, raised from the graves by regular army necromancers-tottmeisters, serve. They have already given their lives for the country, but they are still in the ranks, although their hearts have not beaten for a long time – crippled and mended, knowing the taste of mustard gas and shrapnel firsthand. They are the last hope of Germany, but colleagues look askance at the “dead army” with horror and disgust, calling them “Kaiser canned food”, “rottenness”, “dead men in uniform” and “necrotic puppets”. The living are afraid of what the dead might say.

Format/Codec: MP3
Audio Bitrate: 128 kbps

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