Title : Collection of works
Author : Dmitry Sillov
Publisher : AST, Eksmo, Lenizdat
Year : 2005-2022
Genre : Fantasy , action , martial arts
Quality : Originally electronic (ebook)
Format : FB2

Content :

Dmitry Olegovich Sillov is a Russian science fiction writer, author of science fiction action films that take place mainly in post-apocalyptic worlds, hand-to-hand combat and bodybuilding instructor, creator of the Real Street Fight self-defense system. His most famous cycle is “Sniper”.
The creative path of Dmitry Sillov began with the brochure “Do you want to survive?”, Published by the Armada publishing house in 2000. This brochure first mentions the “Real Street Fight” self-defense system. In subsequent years, Dmitry Sillov wrote a number of books about hand-to-hand combat, bodybuilding, combat and hunting knives, published by EKSMO, AST and Lenizdat publishing houses …

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Georgeyy-ohetab 04-04-2022 8:30:10 (1 month ago) Rated at: 10
Thanks a lot!
koriaba 07-06-2021 09:08:15 (11 months ago) Rated at: 2
The author actually found the topic and is churning out “bestsellers” in the style of Daria Dontsova. One ” Laws ” is enough for the entire parliament, but there it is already close to insanity, GG “in one fell swoop, ten kills.” Read out of boredom and quit, forget it right away, only if your smartphone is broken, and you are in a hospital, and this pile of waste paper was brought there.

Allegorically – as they say in the movie Bloody Thursday

raiser 06-04-2020 18:14:06 (26 months ago) Rated at: 10
Thank you
raewna 07-02-2020 0:05:21 (28 months ago) Rated at: 10
It seems that everything is stated correctly, but some kind of childishness, sometimes it brings it to the point and starts to enrage, into the furnace, I delete it


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