Software version :
Official website : Robert C. Maehl
Interface language : Russian, English
Treatment : not required

System requirements :
OS : Windows 8.1-10
CPU : 32-bit Single Core
RAM (Memory) : 40MB Free
Disk (Storage) : 5MB Free
Limitations : DirectX 12 Check Inaccurate

Description :
The WhyNotWin11 utility provides information about whether your computer and built-in hardware components are compatible with Windows 11

Note!!! WhyNotWin11 is brand new, so it may cause SmartScreen filter and antiviruses to work. The app is open source and completely safe to use.

About Portable:

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11-05-2022 12:19:07 (39 minutes ago)
11-05-2022 0:19:45 (13 hours ago)
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kinoknight 11-05-2022 1:24:06 (12 hours ago) Rated at: 10
no such user – a pet dog of a respectable site? Flat comments have long been tired of him. And I dare say, they only harm the authority of Rutor. Who disagrees with me but him?
I will add. Free translation. As an example: Why Windows 11?
file watch 09-10-2021 03:58:44 (7 months ago)
no such user Translated as: “Why not beat 11”
no such user 08-10-2021 16:51:35 (7 months ago)
Who knows English, tell me how the name of the program is translated correctly? “Why “No to Windows 11!”?” or “Why not Windows 11?”


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