Movie Information
Title : Restless hearts
original name: Kimi ga nozomu eien
Year of release: 2003-2004
Genre: comedy , romance
Directed by : Tetsuya Watanabe, Toru Kitahata, Hirokazu Yamada
Cast: Kisho Taniyama, Makoto Aoki, Minami Kuribayashi, Chiaki Takahashi, Trina Nishimura, Randy Tallman, Kiyomi Asai, Kaori Mizuhashi, Kazuya Sugisaki, Kozue Yoshizumi
Roles were duplicated: Boris Alekseev, Andrey Lunev, Khristina Poluyanova, Anastasia Echeina, Anna Balitskaya

About movie:
You can’t please everyone in this world. Especially if two charming girls are in love with you, and you have to choose only one. The most ordinary high school student Takayuki Narumi learned this simple truth early. It all started when Takayuki and his friend Shinji Taira met two girls: the brave and strong Mitsuki Hayase and her friend, the mysterious quiet Haruka Suzumiya. After some time, it turns out that Haruka has long been in love with Takayuki, and Mitsuki volunteered to help her friend in love affairs. But Mitsuki began to notice behind herself that she was also interested in this guy.
But an accidental tragedy disrupts the daily lives of the heroes, and now they need to finally figure out their feelings so as not to destroy their feelings for each other in their souls.

Age limit: R-17+ (Scenes of light Erotica are present)

Country : Japan
Studio : Studio Fantasia
Duration : 14x ~00:24:00 + 02x ~00:05:00
Translation : Professional (dubbed) | (License) Reanimedia commissioned by XL Media [[S01 + Sp 1]]
Translation : Russian Subtitles (Special No. 2)

Format / Codec: MKV / AVC
Quality : BDRip 1080p 8 Bit Version
Video: 1440×1080 (4:3), 23.976 fps, 7500 kb/s (0.201 bit/pixel)
Audio #1: DTS, 48.0 kHz, 2 ch, 756 kb/s, CBR | | Japan (Original)
Separate Audio:
Audio #1: AC3, 48.0 kHz, 6 ch, 384 kb/s, CBR | | Reanimedia DD 5.1 Ver
Audio #2: AC3, 48.0 kHz, 2 ch, 192 kb/s, CBR | | Reanimedia DD 2.0 Ver
Audio #3: AAC, 44.1 kHz, 2 ch, 114 kb/s, VBR | | Dub Blu-Ray
Subtitles : Russian (full / Captions), English (Full)

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