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Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10 / 11 (32/64-bit)

Description :
Process Lasso allows you to manually or automatically manipulate the processes running on your computer, which allows you to achieve maximum system performance and stability. Process Lasso monitors and restricts CPU intensive programs to improve system response. It can also automatically lower the priority for a process by applying the default values. Windows, by default, allows programs to completely load the central processor, which leads to a system freeze and, accordingly, to inconvenience. Process Lasso’s ProBalance (Process Balance) technology carefully reprioritizes running programs so that processes that previously used up the entire CPU will no longer affect system response.

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11-05-2022 12:19:07 (39 minutes ago)
10-05-2022 22:58:56 (14 hours ago)
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HackurMAN88 28-04-2022 0:26:58 (14 days ago)
Yes, this is a type of extension of the functionality of the built-in task manager. but A – the default dispatcher starting from 8ki has a good functionality of the graphics autoload service. and BE – it looks authentic, and this program sends greetings from 98, a maximum of 2001 now if it’s 2022. mb developed not vkurse
Voytkevich 18-10-2021 16:25:15 (7 months ago)
Such a useless program. What I didn’t put it on, NO DIFFERENCE! I didn’t understand why she .. Distributes processes? What kind?! )))
DSxxx 25-10-2020 20:38:50 (19 months ago) Rated at: 10
Thanks It works.
0226serg 19-09-2019 11:10:39 (32 months ago)
Thank you!
nick-101in 09-03-2019 20:01:59 (39 months ago) Rated at: 8
Thank you!
Dimka_Yaroslavl 09-03-2019 12:32:09 (39 months ago) Rated at: 6
On the screenshots, like the LOG of launching programs?
kdr 69 02-02-2019 13:48:15 (40 months ago) Rated at: 10
Thank you very much for the update!!!


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