Movie Information
Title: Confused Heirs (Legacy and Consequences)
original name: Splitting Heirs
Released: 1993
Genre: comedy
Directed by: Robert Young
Cast: Eric Idle, Rick Moranis, John Cleese, Barbara Hershey, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Sadie Frost

About movie:
The son of a hippy British lord and a sexy American woman was distractedly mistaken for the baby of an aspiring Hindu cook. As a result of this unfortunate misunderstanding, the true heir of Tommy grew up in the London slums, and Henry became “the offspring of noble blood.” Years pass, and it’s time to find out who is truly worthy of the inheritance and title.

Country: USA
Duration: 01:23:46
Translation: Professional (one-voiced) – Alexey Mikhalev


Codec: x.264
Quality: HDTVRip 720p
Video: Format: MKV – 1280×720, 25 fps, 7080 Mbps
Audio 1: Russian AC3, 2ch, 48 kHz, 192 kbps
Audio 2: English AC3, 2ch, 48 kHz, 384 kbps

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