Title: Physics. Learn to solve problems yourself. Tutorial
Authors: Leviev Grigory, Trunin Mikhail
Publisher: Dom HSE
Genre: Science , Manual
Year: 2022
Format: PDF
Pages: 688

This textbook is a collection of original problems, compiled in full accordance with the curriculum of the school physics course. The peculiarity of the publication is in the procedure for solving problems, which develops the ability of schoolchildren to think independently. Most of the tasks are based on real observations and situations, which allows the student to easily imagine the condition. The first part of the manual contains the main formulas and definitions by topic, the conditions of the problems and instructions for solving them, in which the “physics” of the problem is analyzed and the formulas necessary for solving from a brief summary at the beginning of the chapter are discussed. Such “almost independent” problem solving is especially useful at the beginning of training, when the student needs to overcome self-doubt. As he is involved in the subject thematic block, the complexity and variety of problems increase, up to the highest level of physical and technical developments, marked by recent Nobel Prizes.
The second part of the manual provides a detailed analysis of each task. The publication is focused on targeted preparation for the final unified state exam (USE) at school and an additional entrance test (DVI) for admission to a university in engineering and physics. It may also be of interest to teachers, as it contains indications of some inaccuracies in well-known physics problem books for schools.

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