Title : Interstellar. Science behind the scenes
Author : Kip Thorne
Year : 2015
Genre : Physical and mathematical sciences, astronomy
Publisher : Mann, Ivanov and Ferber
ISBN : 978-5-00057-536-9
Quality : Originally electronic (ebook)
Number of pages : 337
Format : PDF, MOBI, EPUB

Content :

Kip Thorne, a world-famous scientist and consultant to Christopher Nolan’s famous film “Interstellar”, in his book, deeply immersed in the scientific world, explains in detail all those incredible facts about gravity, black holes, the fifth dimension and other phenomena that are visually embodied in this movie.
This book is for everyone who is interested in physics, space, natural sciences and how our Universe works. And also for those who still have questions after watching the movie “Interstellar”.

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