Movie Information
Title : body
original name : The Body
Released : 2001
Genre : Thriller , Drama , Romance , Detective
Directed by : Jonas McCord
Cast : Antonio Banderas, Olivia Williams, John Shrapnel, Derek Jacobi, Jason Flemyng, Lillian Lux, John Wood, Makram Khoury, Vernon Dobcheff, Ian McNeice

About movie :
At the turn of the century in the ancient cradle of religion – Jerusalem, two completely different people join their efforts in search of truth and faith. Vatican envoy Father Matt Gutierrez and Sharon Goldban, a female archaeologist from Israel, are exploring an incredible find.
Behind a small, inconspicuous shop on an old Jerusalem street, Sharon discovers an ancient tomb containing the remains of a man who had been crucified. All signs lead her to a shocking discovery: the ancient skeleton belongs to Jesus, son of Joseph.
In the clash with politicians, clergy, religious fanatics and extremists, there is a hard struggle for the search for absolute truth.

Country : USA, Israel, Germany
Studio : Avalanche Films, Compass Productions, Diamant Cohen Productions
Duration : 01:48:52
Translation 1 : Professional (full duplication) Zone Vision
Translation 2 : Professional (poly-voiced, voice-over) Paradise-Twister
Subtitles : Russian (full), English (full)

Format : Matroska
Quality : WEB-DLRip-AVC
Video : 1024×576 at 23.976 fps, x264@L4.1, ~2804 kbps
Audio 1 : AC3, 2 ch, ~192 kbps – | Russian | – DUB
Audio 2 : AC3, 6 ch, ~384 kbps – | Russian | – MVO
Subtitle format : softsub (SRT)

*** Released by: -=DoMiNo=-


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