den_fcsm48 21-04-2021 13:16:04 (13 months ago) lads who installed the last firewood ?? I have an error like OS is not supported, although I have Windows 10 64 …. what’s the problem ?? p0gremu6ka 16-12-2020 21:54:23 (17 months ago) Mortalz666
yeah Mortalz666 10-12-2019 17:54:34 (29 months ago) 2020 version coming soon sharp-tm 25-09-2019 0:28:20 (32 months ago)

koljan221000 wrote:
25-01-2019 2:40:02 ( 8 months ago )
Tell me, who knows how to put on 8.1?

The Win7 version installs easily and without problems. koljan221000 25-01-2019 02:40:02 (40 months ago) Tell me, who knows how to put on 8.1? nordwind7 22-01-2019 16:18:40 (40 months ago) Rated at: 10 The driver is GOOD …. Chill turned on, turned off vertical synchronization, received an increase in FPS + the temperature of the card in games dropped by 12 percent.
Super. Niky33 15-12-2018 5:22:14 (41 months ago) If you DO NOT see it in the list of supported video cards, why are you suddenly scared? What kind of fly bit you on the old laptop to install new software. Meaning? oldgames 14-12-2018 13:39:33 (41 months ago) Will not work on HD6950? caesaryaa 14-12-2018 13:19:54 (41 months ago) Rated at: 10 KOPA07, I do not rest, but rule the legions.
Already installed, the flight is normal. KOPA07 25-05-2018 16:56:49 (48 months ago) Rated at: 10


Someone wrote:
chat with your friends without interrupting the gameplay.

Julius Caesar is resting!!! sadman 09-02-2018 22:10:21 (52 months ago)


Someone wrote:
What’s wrong with windows 8.1?

the same as xp – no one needs it. January of this year: ksandrvlad 09-02-2018 8:40:28 (52 months ago) how is that? because she G..even they understand it…
who has Windows 8 does not update it to 8.1 .. my brother even made sure from personal experience that it was not worth it konan-atp 09-02-2018 2:46:53 (52 months ago) What’s wrong with windows 8.1?

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