Artist: Valeria
Album: Discography
Year of release: 1992-2017
Genre: Pop

About music: Valeria (Alla Perfilova), People’s Artist of Russia. At the beginning of her creative activity, Valeria took part in a number of competitions for novice performers. In 1992, she became the winner of the television competition “Morning Star”, the international competition “Bratislava Lira” and received the audience award at the competition “Jurmala-92”. Repeated laureate of the Russian festival “Song of the Year”, the national Russian award “Ovation”, the winner of the hit parades “Sound Track MK”, “Golden Gramophone”. Valeria has been the face of advertising campaigns for a number of international brands. The owner of her own line of perfumes and jewelry “De Leri”.


Audio: MP3, 320 kbps
Duration: 50:29:27

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Ghost80 10-05-2022 12:51:32 (1 second ago) Rated at: 1
The design is frank hack-work, if the discography could have been done normally from the albums


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