Series Information
original name: Unreality
Release year: 2022
Genre: Comedy , social drama
Released: Russia, Look Film
Directed by: Anna Parmas
Cast: Olga Dibtseva, Inga Oboldina, Nikolai Fomenko, Vitaly Daushev, Lika Nifontova, Anna Rytsareva, Mira Malakhova, Alexei Rozin, Nikita Moskvitin, Alisa Dmitrieva, Alexander Averin, Grigory Dudnik, Safiya Yarullina, Pavel Yudin, Nikita Kologrivy, Elena Muravyova , Anisiya Konstantinova, Ekaterina Borisova (III), Daria Rusinova, Natalia Potapova, Maxim Zhegalin, Leonid Telezhinsky

About the series: According to the plot, after 10 years spent on a reality show under the gaze of millions of viewers, Rita is forced to return to her hometown, where almost everyone hates her. Rita needs to “rebuild her life” anew, but her reputation as an evil schemer makes it difficult for her. But Rita, hardened by the show, with stubbornness and impenetrability restores her reputation and returns her family.

Release author: 25Kuzmich
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Quality: WEBRip
Video: XviD, ~ 1650 Kbps, 720×400
Audio #01: AC3, 2 ch, 192 kbps | censored
Audio #02: AC3, 2 ch, 192 kbps | Uncensored 18+
Duration: 8 x ~ 00:48:00
Language: Russian

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