Title : Station keeper
Author : Sergey Plotnikov, Varvara Madoshi
Release year : 2022
Genre : Fantasy , Adventure , LitRPG , Audiobook
Publisher : 1C-Pablishing
Artist : Anton Makarov

Description :

The third book in the series, which continues the story, is called The Station Keeper. Andrey Starostin, invited by a large company to test the alpha version of the game, successfully built a space station in it and skillfully managed it, settling numerous conflicts between alien guests. He successfully passed his administrative baptism in virtual reality. Now the hero is sent to a real space station, as the local AI – artificial intelligence – failed his task and it was decided that a person would replace him. On the spot, it turns out that reality is quite different from the game simulation, but there is no way out. Now the strategy for the survival of intelligent beings in the Galaxy is in the hands of the hero.
Listen to the final book of the trilogy.

Cycle “Peace strategy”:

Format : audiobook, MP3, 64 kbps
Duration : 12:01:30

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