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Title: Robinson and his wild slaves
Título original: Robinson und seine wilden Sklavinnen
Released: 1972
Genre: Comedy , erotica
Directed by: Jesus Franco
Cast: Yehuda Barkan, Andrea Rau, Ann Lieber, Ingeborg Steinbach, Ruth Gassmann, Herbert Weissbach, Linda Hastreiter, Paul Müller, Max Nossek, Howard Vernon, Gustavo Re

Synopsis: The protagonist is a modern-day Robinson, a downshifter apothecary who, tired of life in a modern big city, escapes to a tropical island. In this heavenly place, he discovers local beauties who are bored without a man. Everything was going just fine until the main character accidentally found out that the girls were cannibals…

Country: Germany (FRG), France, Israel
Duration: 01:16:03
Translation: Amateur monophonic (Horror Maker)

Quality: DVDRip-AVC
Video: MPEG-4 AVC, 3500 Kbps, 696×572@988×572
Language: Russian, German (AC3, 2 ch, 192 Kbps)


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