Title: Difficult age
Artist: Maksim
Year: 2006/2021
Country of origin: Latvia
Audio codec: wavpack
Rip Type: Image+.cue
Genre: Pop
Bit depth: 24/192
Duration: 00:42:57
Vinyl condition class code: Mint
Playback device: YAMAHA GT-2000 + Oyaide MJ-12 + Clamp 580 g
Cartridge : Dynavector XX2MKII + Oyaide HSR-AG
Preamplifier: YAMAHA C-4
ADC: M-Audio ProFire 610
Digitizer Software: Sound Forge Pro 15 Suite
Processing: Not done

2006/2021 – Difficult age (Warner Music Russia – 9029501826)

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Released by: Bruk67

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glikster 10-05-2022 12:08:52 (27 minutes ago)
I don’t know why, but this girl has been unsympathetic to me since her appearance on the stage. Moreover, there are more disgusting characters of the Russian pop scene, but the very life of this girl causes me just the same physical dislike. Although I am not familiar with her work and have never followed her career on the stage – I just see or hear her or about her, and the desire to look at her grave. IMHO, I think that very soon I will have such an opportunity – just a premonition that something bad will happen to her for her, in general, not an old age.
koporol 24-07-2021 10:40:45 (10 months ago)
It’s funny that she has the song “Lolita”, which is clearly inspired by the French Alizee. In general, this is a high-quality Russian pop music that we have lost. Health singer. I took the rip to the collection.


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